These 8 Army Uniforms Cannot Be Just Bought, One Has To Earn Them

These 8 Army Uniforms Cannot Be Just Bought, One Has To Earn Them

Army men have everything about them, class apart. The gentlemen league is every bit of dashing , daring and dapper, be it about their precise haircut, confidence, style, the way they carry themselves or their uniforms.

One important thing that makes an army men any suave is his pride- his uniform. The Indian Army carry a variety of uniforms that reflects their personality. Take a look at the 8 most admirable uniforms which are more than just suits.

1. General Duty:​

Olive Green

General Duty dresses make the men in the uniform look profound giving a formal appearance. The winters look is called 5SD having a peach a peach colour shirt, black tie and an olive green blazer along with a beret or a peak cap. Some regiments also wear Angola shirt preserving certain colour of their traditions.

Summer has all ranks in the standard Olive Greens. Interestingly, in 2005, Olive Greens were switched from Khaki to avoid similarity with that of Pakistan Army.

2. Blue Patrol:​

Blue Patrol

Blue Patrol is complemented by a ‘bandgala’ coat for the winter dress code making it a ceremonial uniform which is also preferred as the mess dress/formal dress during winters. The pips on shoulder of the coat are to be embroidered with ranks while the armoured corps officer have to carry a chain mail along with their ranks on the shoulder.

3. 6A/6B:​


The 6 Alpha is the white mess/formal dress for the Indian Army during winters just like blue patrol. Suited with a white coat and black trousers, it is less popular than the blue patrol, hence rarely worn. The 6 Bravo dress is also a mess dress for summer which is worn with a cummerbund having respective regimental colours.

4. Ceremonials:​


Having ceremonials like neck scarf, cummerbund, medals and decorations, these are worn during military occasions like military funeral, guard of honour, wreath laying, etc. These are taken into action with half sleeves during summers and Dress SD during winters.

Summer Ceremonials

5. Combats:​

Senior officer from Northern Command wearing the new NIFT Camouflage

This disruptive pattern uniform with forest camouflage pattern is the standard field uniform of the Indian Army and rightfully called “Jungle Dress”. Instead of the usual metal ranks, it has the ranks embroidered on flapsand. The decorations are only to be worn during peace while only name and ranks are carried during a war or exercise.

Summer Combat During Peace

6. Black:​

NSG Uniforms

The colour black is enough to ask for you to prove your mettle before owning this one. This ain’t usual dress code and are just as special as the men who wears it like the special forces such as NSG and men of the Armoured Corps.

Uniform of Armoured Officers

7. Dungarees:​

Indian Army Aviation Officer Pic Credit – Bharat-Rakshak

For the men who aspire to be in these Dungarees, sky is not the limit but their play field. The uniform belongs to the airborne- the pilots and the aircrews. The Dungarees are only combined by the name tab, rank and the aircraft symbol associated with them.

Army pilot

8. Smocks:​

If the men in black are considered heroes then Smock sure does make you a super hero. The dress itself has the quality to make a men wearing it, a flamboyant. The uniform is used by paratroopers of the Indian Army.

As diverse as the Indian Army is, their uniforms makes it to the big list of distinctive characteristics from fabric to colours and layers to decorations.

Just how the soldiers in the Siachen Glacier have a completely different uniform look, there are certain modifications to be taken into account like for ceremonies at Rashtrapati bhavan and during the visit of foreign dignitaries.

One thing sure is that, whichever piece of fabric or colour do they wear, our soldiers are one dynamic line of heroes.
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