This Moving Letter From A Mother To Her Soldier Son Who Died Exercising For War Will Leave You in Tears

This Letter From A Mother To Her Hero Who Died Exercising For War Will Leave You Speechless And It Should…

You wouldn’t know him, why would you know him? You’ve probably not even heard his name. You should be ashamed but you won’t be because honestly, all of us are too proud after doing absolutely nothing with our life but well, that’s us, the common people. He and his family are beyond that. I would call them angels in disguise. Just to impart some basic knowledge here, let me tell you in one sentence what he did and why you MUST know him.

Maj. Dhruv Yadav died one month ago while preparing to protect you in the future, if a war ever happens.

It’s been a month since we lost him while he was exercising for war, in Pokhran. Of course many of us just like to talk about the ‘wasteful’ respect and perks an army officer and his family gets in this country. Just like our very own, ex-army officer’s son Mr. Chetan Bhagat. I feel foolish sometimes trying to repeat myself in the loudest voice to make you realize what an army personnels does for his country and what his family goes through with or without him in their life.

While you are busy making an opinion about every silly thing that happens in the country, there are people trying to figure their life out from scratch because they CHOSE not to just live but live to die for the country. Maj. Dhruv Yadav was one such officer. His wife is expecting their first baby without him being around while figuring out her life. Because it was more important for him to fearlessly exercise for war at this point rather than stay back home and plan his future. Still don’t understand why army officers should be given SO MUCH respect? Brace yourself and read this letter from (Late) Maj. Dhruv Yadav’s mother to him and I dare you to get through this without shedding tear and then imagine it all happening to you.

So here it goes:

“My dearest dearest Dhruvee,

That you laid down your life during a combat exercise, that the sun set on the Pokhran ranges while our son breathed his last, that you bashed on regardless to be taken away by a cruel act of God, has left a big hole in our hearts.

If…… If only you had gone to the Congo on the U.N Peace Keeping Mission….., if only you had ducked….., if only that shrapnel had grazed your shoulder. You would have been home by our side.

I cannot comprehend why God indulges in acts that make no sense at all. Why did he have to pick on our son who lived every moment like a hero.

I took your life for granted Dhruv. You were meant to be by our side, through the years. Hold our hands while we grew old. You deserted us that day as the desert blew up. It seemed as if every flower that bloomed on the desert was woven into those beautiful wreaths placed by the officers and men while you were draped in the tricolor.

I remember how hard you tried to emulate your father at Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC). How your father’s chest grew two inches more when you were made the Pratap Section Commander. A silver torch at National Defence Academy (NDA) that eclipsed your father’s boxing blue. And then the Indian Military Academy (IMA). And then the IMA again as an ‘Instructor’. How you wore the Regiment colors with pride and 75 Armd Regiment became your very heart and soul.

And how we loved to see you wear your olive greens. I wanted to show my ‘fauji’ off to the world.

Surbhi and you were so happy. And so in love. I would give my life to have seen you’ll bring up your little one together.

Namrata says she loves you and will miss your goofy smile. Most of all she’s going to think of you whenever she has it all wrong.

That i felt so proud when you were given the salutations of a ‘shaheed’.That you were referred to as ‘Brave son of India’ who laid down his life with his boots on, firm on top of his tank – ‘Sahasam Viajayate’.

I wish we had told you how infinitely proud we were of you, my son. I wish we had told you that you would have made a super father. I wish we had told you that you were the best son in the world. I wish…..

You were the Kohinoor in my crown.

Goodbye Dhruvee and God bless you and may you always make those around you happy.

Goodbye my Dhruvtara.


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