This Sniper Is Called White Death Because He Has Maximum Kills On His Name

Time and again, the snipers played a major role during the second world war. Majority of Russian snipers and Nazi snipers are known for their sharp shooting techniques and accuracy. There are some who the enemies feared on any particular day. There were many deadly snipers who trained aggressively during and before the world war. All of them got an ample opportunity to train their skills and then to kill their enemies. Some of them even had famous name as the Lady of the death or the White death.


And there were not just male snipers but also female snipers.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko had 309 confirmed kills, 36 of which were German Snipers.

During 1939-1940, Stalin’s USSR attacked Finland in order to occupy some land which they believed to be their own and fearing insecurities for Leningrad. The war continued from November 1939 to 13th March 1940. Finland had very less resources to fight the Red Army. Russians fired 40,000 rounds per day, Finnish forces could only fire 1,000 rounds per day.

The Red Army and the Finnish Armies were fighting at temperatures between −40 °C −20 °C and the Red army had no snow camouflages which made them an easy target of the Finnish snipers. Among the Finnish Sniper was a sniper who has a world record of most kills till today. Simo Häyhä serving as a sniper in the Finnish army, killed 505 men from the red army and he was feared as White Death.

Simo Hayha with his honorary Rilfle

Hayha’s all targets were the soldiers of the Red army and while the war continued around 100 days, Hayha shot 5 soldiers daily on an average. He used Civil Guard rifle, an early series SAKO M/28-30. The total counted and calculated kills are 505 and 219 are confirmed kills with his sniper rifle and the same number is with his machine gun. and the Western sources claim his 505 kills. Hayha prefered using iron sight rather than telescope sight. He kept on killing till he was shot on the jaw and the left cheek by a red army soldier and his jaw was completely damaged and he was hospitalized. His friends at the army, reported that half of his face was missing.

Hayha used to pack a dense amount of snow moulds in front of him while he had to take a shot at the enemy. He also used to keep snow in his mouth so that steamy breaths don’t reveal his position. Once Simo was asked how did he got so good with his sniping, he replied, “practice”. He was also asked if he regretted killing so many people, to which he calmly replied, I only did my duty, and what I was told to do, as well as I could. He was one of the notable soldiers in the war which the Finnish remember and will do so forever.
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