This Special Forces Soldiers “Practice” Getting Shot in a Bulletproof Vest

The drill of a soldier includes everything which he might need during a hostile and war-like situation. Every Special forces soldier have their tactics to be trained and all of them are tough which are made so, that one never gives up no matter how haywire a situation can go.

Out of curiosity, while researching we found out that there are some soldiers who practice getting shot in the bulletproof vest. Now let’s see how and who practices getting shot in a bulletproof vest.

Meet France’s GIGN (Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale)
Translation: (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group)

Near the end of their training, each recruit must take a shot to the front plate of their body armour (whilst wearing it).

The shot is fired at around 10 metres, by a GIGN marksman. The round is a .357 magnum and is fired from a revolver.

Failure to comply means rejection from the elite CT Police unit.

A few people have questioned the purpose of this drill, I believe the following reasons should address this….

It covers a few things:

Trust – if you can’t show that you trust your muckers, then you’re useless, as you will not fully commit to task.

Courage – to show that you are willing to put yourself in harms way for the unit. You must take risks when you work for such a highly rated CT Police Unit. You are essentially a special operation soldier, employed by law enforcement.

Conditioning – you’ll know how it feels to take a bullet, and you’ll know what to expect in a real operation. Sure, in a real operation you may actually just be shot dead, but if you happen to survive without wounding, then you’ll be able to recover and continue being an effective soldier a lot faster than somebody who hasn’t ever taken a body armour shot. Any CQB trained person will tell you that milliseconds count.

The series takes civilian contestants through the selection process of various special forces units worldwide. This image depicts the scene where contestants must go through the GIGN “Fire of Trust” exercise, as described in my answer above.

This information was shared by Michael Fox on Quora.

The GIGN Snipers also fire live ammunition at balloons, inches away from their colleague, as a confidence drill/showcase.

With Special Forces, there might be many things that are still not known. After all they are man of steel.

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