Three Times When Honey Traps Seduced RAW Agents Into Disclosing Countries Intelligence.

The famous Delhi honey trap case is creating sparks ever since Gujrat BJP MP KC Patel filed a complaint of extortion with Delhi Police earlier this week. There are strong speculations of other people being involved in the working this gang apparently led by a woman in custody.

The gang targets unsuspecting parliamentarians by luring them into compromising situations to later blackmail them with the demands of amount in Crores and top-notch jobs in exchange. The woman leading this gang has revealed a few details following her arrest.

She moved to Delhi about five years ago to prepare for Rajasthan Public Services Commission and later appeared for UPSC exam with no luck. She claimed to have done BA, MA English, MA Political science and also perused LLB and LLM but she could not even write in English when asked to. This raised doubts about the woman’s educational background.

The lady maintains that she was called upon to meet by the parliamentarian. She even said that received the Politician from the airport a few days back, the same day she was raped by the parliamentarian at North Avenue house and in Ghaziabad. Investigation proves that not only she had CCTV cameras installed at her residence but also she used to carry spy camera all the time. Police have also found some CDs and audio clips from her place.

A total of Twenty five MPs including Uttarakhand minister Hiraksinh Rawat and MP Shadilal Batra have been honey trapped by this group.

Have a look at three such controversial incidents where similar honey traps have been used to lure influential officials to get political and secret information.

1. In 2010, news surfaced of the famous notorious Russian honey trap which entrapped a naval official, name commander Sukhjinder Singh.

On 20th January, 2004, after a yearlong negotiation between India and Russia, Admiral Gorshkov, a Kiev-class aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy was sold to India. The fighter ship being inducted into the Russian Navy in 1987 was denied to be used after the dissolution of soviet Russia in 1991. The new government thought the use of this ship was over expensive and later she was bought by India and renamed as INS Vikramaditya.

The deal was sealed for $800 million inclusive of the repair work. A technical team head by then captain Sukhjinder Singh was sent to Russia to monitor the ongoing repairing in 2005. During the same time, Singh got involved with a Russian Woman and got honey trapped subsequently increasing the expanse of the repair to $2.3 billion, which was almost three times of the amount that was initially sealed. This even led the two countries to have Diplomatic disagreements.

“INS Vikramaditya, being a second hand aircraft carrier is 60% more expensive than a new one,” said CAG.​

In March 2010, a CD was delivered at naval headquarters which showed Singh in objectionable conditions with a Russian woman and after a brief inquiry, Singh was found guilty and dismissed in 2011.

2. In 1981, a newly appointed Raw officer, Unnikrishnan was posted in Sri Lanka. During his time in Colombo, he befriended one American Embassy personnel and used to hang out with him all the time, going to places and getting physically involved with prostitutes. The man cleverly waited like smart agent for the correct opportunity to trap Unnikrishnan.

Later, Unni gets appointed in Madras for one very important mission of Raw, Tamil weapon protest and India’s Peace army operation in Sri Lanka. One day, he receives a phone call from a woman claiming to be an air hostess of Pan American airways. She tactfully manages to manipulate Unnikrishnan into flying to Bombay by saying that she got his number from an American friend who said she could contact Unni if she ever feels lonely in India. The two soon gets physically involved and even went on for a vacation to Singapore when the girl offered free tickets, only to get Unni captured on camera.

Unnikrishan being honey trapped, leaked many sensitive and secret information to American Intelligence agency, CIA. His betrayal was also taken responsible for the failure of India’s mission in Sri Lanka.

In the movie, Madras Café, Bala’s character was based on Unnikrishanan. Unlike the plot where Bala shoots himself, in real life, after getting exposed, unni gets arrested in 1987 and being imprisoned for a long time, he now lives a low-profile life in Chennai.

3. This is the story of a Joint secretary level officer of Raw, Ravi Nayar. Nayar has always been taken up for a man of a loose character. He used to spend his weekends with a woman, name Mrs. Rao at his bungalow, on his official posting at Chennai station. P.K Hormis Tharakaan, who was the RAW chief then, even asked for the inspection but with no outcome, Nayar was sent to a sensitive place like Colombo.

In the late 90’s, Ravi was again under radar for the fund theft. A.K Varma, who was the RAW chief then, maintained in his file that this man is under suspicion and should be taken into account for a lie detector test. Nayar again was untouched with the inquiry and was soon posted in Hong Kong.

Around 2004-2005, Ravi’s wife called up Delhi office of RAW and informed that his husband has been involved with a Chinese woman. Following the incident, Nayar was immediately asked to get back to India by the orders of then RAW chief, C.D Sahay and was never posted abroad under Sahay.

Nayar again managed to get posted in Colombo after the retirement of Sahay in 2005. He rekindled his involvement with the same Chinese woman who later turned out to be an agent of Chinese Intelligence agency and was tricking Nayar for the Intelligence information.

Ravi Nayar was honey trapped, dismissed and later sent back to India from Colombo in October 2007.

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