What are the Procedures done during Medical Tests in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force?

What are the Procedures done during Medical Tests in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force?

When any doctor finds some point in your medical(no matter how big the defect is) they don’t give you permanent rejection instead they give you temporary rejection under which you are given a time period of 42 days to prove your medical fitness in any of the few given command hospitals across the country.

The candidate is supposed to choose any one hospital from given list after his medicals as per his convenience. So the medical is conducted by five different specialists-

1. ENT: Ear, nose and throat. They check very basic things and any person who has never had any bad experience will clear it. Hardly anyone is rejected in this.

Common Points of rejection: Hole in ear membrane and something with nose bone (one of the guys with me had this though it is easily treated in a 5 min surgery).

2. Eye: Common tests for vision and color blindness etc. Eyesight is checked along with your specs but the power of your specs should be in the permissible limits which is based on the type of entry.

Common points of rejection: Color blindness, weak eyesight.

Recommended Candidates before Medical

3. Dental: Normal checkup, rarely anyone gets rejected. If you have a full grown set of teeth without any problems you are good.

Common Points of rejection: Though if you are ever advised to wear braces then you might have a problem. One of my senior was rejected just because of this.

4. Surgery: Here you will be asked to take off all your clothes and the surgeon will examine you from bottom to top for knock knees, any previous injuries, deviation of arms, anus, hernia. Flat foot was not checked in my case.

Common points of rejection:


Permissible limit is 15 degrees(for boys) but they approve you upto 17 degrees. This is the most unexpected medical point people come across as they have no idea about this before coming to SSB.

Any severe fractures in any body part which resulted in permanent deformation.

5. Medical: Height, weight, chest, BP, ECG (in special cases) etc.

Common Points of rejection: Over weight(very common), heart/BP problems(rare).

Chest x-ray for lungs, ultrasound for kidney stone, liver problems, blood test, urine test are also done and results are examined. Hardly anything is pointed out in any of these tests. Kidney stone is found sometimes in some candidates which is very much treatable.

I have written as much as i remember though if anyone has any doubt regarding any particular thing please feel free to ask.

I would like to express my opinion on something written in the description of the question. It says something about efforts getting wasted if a candidate is rejected on medical grounds.

Let me tell you my friend, anyone who has attended SSB and spent those 5 days there will agree with me that experience was totally amazing and there is a lot to learn even if you are not selected.

The article is republished from the answer written based on self experience by Manoj Jadon on Quora.
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