What Cadets Do Before NDA Ball Will Surprise Everyone

12 -14 days before the NDA ball is the Camp Torna.

The final hurdle before passing out of the academy.

Cadets stay on top of a mountain, digging trenches, carrying out platoon drills, patrolling and other tactical actions for almost 8–9 days. No shelter, just the good old combat dress, sleeping in the trenches, or just lying down flat on the hill, in the sun, in the rain, come what may.

And the finale to the camp is the Josh Run.

This is the route. And mind you, this is the road route.

The checkpoints of the Josh run are on hilltops, on ridge lines and most unexpected places.

Almost 45–50 kilometers holding a rifle, some of them hold a LMG, some hold a stretcher as well, and some hold their fatigued course mates also.

And this is not the end. There is an obstacle course at the end of the route called ‘Hamla’. And complemented by firing at the firing range.

All this in just under 14–15 hours.

And, two-three days after the tiring and numbing ordeal of Camp Torna, they are on the dance floor, celebrating their life at NDA.

Camp Torna even has a slogan for all of them before they set march.

My bags are packed

And my rifle is oiled

When I walk on the road of death

I fear no son of a ***ch!

The amazing answer is written by Alcatraz Day.

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