What is PABT Test? Once in a Lifetime Chance to Join Flying Branch

To join the Indian Armed Forces in flying branch needs intelligence and coordination of mind and body which is tested when you appear for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test(PABT). You can appear for the PABT test once in a lifetime, either you will make it or regret it. But if you prepare mentally yourself before the PABT test, probably there would be fair chances of passing this test and move closer to your dream. If you clear PABT test then you can join the Flying branch of the Indian Armed forces.

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is a unique test. It is aimed at assessing a candidate’s aptitude to be trained as a pilot. PABT is being used as an independent selection device to induct potential officers into Flying Branch of Indian Air Force. PABT comprises three tests viz Instrument Battery Test (INSB), Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) and Control Velocity Test (CVT). Instrument Battery Test (INSB) is a paper pencil test and other two are machine tests. The Instruments Battery Test (INSB) comprises two parts. This test assesses assimilation of the briefing and the ability of an individual to read and interpret the dials of an instrument panel of an aircraft. The candidates who score the minimum laid down criteria are subjected to the machine test. The machine test includes Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) and Control Velocity Test (CVT). These tests measure the psychomotor co-ordination skill of the individual. These tests are conducted on a single day and administered only once in a lifetime.

The Instruments battery test consists of two parts. This test helps in analyzing the ability of each candidate to read and interpret the instrumental panels of the aircraft.

The instructor will give you the insights of dummy meters which will you help you to understand them, which may includes
(i) Compass meter
(ii) Horizon detector
(iii) Altimeter
(iv) Climbing or diving meter

After a short briefing about the meter, the test will organise and the only candidates who qualify this test will get chance to attempt machine test. The test includes 75 questions in which question will be asked on the directions of the aircraft.

Machine Test- This machine test includes Sensory Motor Apparatus Test(SMA) and Control Velocity Test(CVT). It’s a kind of computer games. These are:

SMA: There is a two rectangle (small one is in big one). There is a dot comes from the upper screen which has to be adjusted in a small rectangle. Another beep killing has to be executed by pressing jockey button. Another process is to put off yellow and red light simultaneously by left hand lever. When you adjusted the circle in small rectangle then only the score will count. I am showing the computer screen of this test.

CVT: Another machine test is controlling velocity test in which by jockey a small dot should be superimposed on free falling yellow dots coming from the upper screen. You should touch this blue line to randomly coming yellow balls for the high score.

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