When A Para SF Soldier In Jammu & Kashmir Jungles Suspected A Terrorist

When A Para SF Soldier In Jammu & Kashmir Jungles Suspected A Terrorist

Para SF is one of the most lethal special forces of the world. They have been known to be proactive in Kashmir where the militants hide and attack. The training of Para SF is something we cannot imagine, it makes them what they are. The undefeatable and the most furious forces. This is an incident which happened when a Para officer was out in jungle of Kashmir and he heard something from the bush, getting terrorists in those jungles is not new.

“During an op in J&K I was out with my team in the Jungles at night, looking for terrorist hideouts. We had the necessary night vision devices. We split as two teams and the other team had my senior as it’s commander. After a long walk, we finally sensed some movement in the nearby bushes. After using the night visions, I confirmed it was a group of around 5–6 guys with weapons.”

I immediately called the other team on the Motorola (layman’s term, walkie tolkie). Here’s the conversation.

Me: Sir, aaj toh lagta hai Ashok Chakra milne ke chances hai. (Seems like there’s chance of getting Ashok Chakra today)

*Worth mentioning that my instructor already had a Shaurya Chakra back then, when he killed three terrorists with their own rifles because his rifle stopped functioning. His story is all over the internet*

Senior: Kyun bhai kya kar diya tune? (Why bro, why do you say so?)

Me: Sir a group of 5–6 guys, armed. Well in my range. Very much in my sights.

Senior: That’s great, err, tell me the GR.

(GR is grid reference, A 4–6 digit number which pinpoints exact location on map. layman’s term: exact location on map)

Me: (Told him the GR)

Senior: WTF? Dude forget the Ashok Chakra, you’ll be in the court of inquiry. Mazak kar raha hai kya, (are you kidding) that’s me and my team on your sights.


We all had a hearty laugh and at the same time learnt how important it is to keep your eyes and ears wide open.

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