When Indian Air Force Aircraft Entered Pakistan and Tibet Undetected

Indian Air Force and its Trisonics Squadron with Mig-25R aircrafts in the hanger gave the real nightmares to the Pakistan and its people during late 90’s. Pilots from Trisonics flew over Pakistan undetected and un-intercepted. Pakistani defence forces were sitting helpless cause they don’t have any aircraft which can came up to cruising height of Mig-25R.

India is constantly facing threats from all sides of the border. The security forces of the nation have to stay vigil every moment, to ensure the safety of the nation. Security forces work really hard, some work is recognized by the citizens of the country, but something is kept under curtains purposely.

When the Russia offered Mig-25R to India, India couldn’t refused the offer. Aviation expert Shiv Aroor quotes former IAF Chief Idris Latif: “I was shocked and delighted to learn that the Soviets were actually offering MiG-25 Foxbats to us in 1980. I phoned up Mrs (Indira) Gandhi and she told me to go ahead and make a decision….The Foxbat was the best in the world and it was made available to us. The mettle of Foxbat (NATO name of Mig-25) is known to the world, Mig-25 was Russia’s secret weapon. Russia didn’t intend to sell the aircraft but due to data leakage of a traitor Viktor Belenko in 1976, the aircraft was available for export.

Mig-25R from Trisonics squadron flew over Pakistan at subsonic speed first at around 65,000 ft which is beyond the range of any Pakistani intercepter. The F-16’s of Pakistan Air Force can climb upto 52,000 ft. The aircraft executed its mission on photography and mapping of Pakistani military establishment in Islamabad. Pakistan attempted to intercept an Mig-25 when the aircraft was at the speed of Mach-3 or 3,700 Km/h at the altitude of 65,000 to 90,000 feet. The Mig-25R was so sophisticated in the world of reconnaissance or intelligence gathering that the aircraft can read a truck licence plate from the sky.

The IAF often flew special missions for the Indian Army when it sought intelligence on Pakistani armoured assets. The picture which was generated by the radar was developed on the ground in a specially equipped van. According to former IAF Wing Commander Alok Chauhan, “These aircrafts can map a country the size of Pakistan in a single-digit number of missions.”

The MIG-25 holds 29 world records including the altitude recon in an aircraft using jet engine. On August 21, 1977, Russian test pilot Alexander Fedotov climbed to an altitude of 123,523 ft above the Earth.

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