When Indian Army Defeated Chinese Badly in 1967, The Heroic Story of Nathu La And Cho La

When Indian Army Defeated Chinese Badly in 1967, The Heroic Story of Nathu La And Cho La

Time and again, we have heard about the unfortunate 1962 India-China war which India lost but most of us have no clue about the Indo-Sino war in 1967.

China has used deception always to cheat India, they used the Hindi-Chini bhai bhai slogan to hit from the behind and took a lot of our land in 1962. In 1967, true to their deceptive nature, they tried again to forcefully occupy Nathu La and Cho La passes.

After the defeat of India in 1962, the Indian army size doubled by 1967. The international border was not indicated. The Indians are on the South end of Nathu La(14,200 ft) and North end of Nathu La is with the Chinese. In August, 1967, the Chinese tried to intervene in the Indian side of Nathu La by digging trenches. The Indian army was keeping a close check on the Chinese movements and it was conveyed to the Chinese commander that there was a clear indication of China advancing further.

On the warning of the Indian army, China delayed and went back. Again after a month in September, the Chinese dug trenches and left some loudspeakers. The Indians build a barbed wire at Nathu La which was objected by the Chinese. The Chinese troops guarded at the border armed with weapons. Due to the barbed wire, the Chinese and Indian forces had a scuffle among themselves which led few Chinese soldiers face extreme injuries.

As the things progressed, India on his part never showed any aggression to China but China was reluctant and created war-like conditions.

The Indian jawans were laying the barbed wire to lay the right international border. It led to a fight and the Chinese commander ordered for a firing towards the Indian army. The Indian army was caught off guard as the Jawans were busy laying the barbed wire, and due to the lack of cover, they suffered huge casualties at first. After some time, the Indian and Chinese army were fighting against each other, with machine guns, MMGs, mortars and artillery. The clash and the firing lasted for three days.

When the ceasefire happened after 3 days, a lot had happened. The casualties at Chinese side as estimated by Indian authorities was 400-500 and the Indian casualties were 88. The company commander Capt. PS Dagar laid his life and was honoured with Vir Chakra posthumously.

The Chinese yet again did some fight and a clash at Cho La Pass just after a month of fight at Nathu La, they were again badly defeated and repulsed in their border by three kilometers. Chinese were taught a lesson that the Indian army was developing at a fast pace and they had gone past the days of 1962. China is again to it’s old way and trying to create a situation of a possible war in the coming future. We hope China has not forgotten 1967 in order to justify another war that they might like to fight against India.

A memorial was instilled at the place where the brave soldiers of 2 Grenadiers fought bravely to protect our motherland. We salute the soldiers who sacrificed their everything so we can live safely today.

This is just not the only fight that Indian army fought against China, the story of brave soldiers of Rezang La will move you to the core. We are indebted to our soldiers and that shall remain forever. A small video dedicated to the exemplary courage 13 Kumaon depicted.
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