When Indian Para Special Forces Defeated British SAS

When Indian Para Special Forces Defeated British SAS

Indian Para Special Forces are one of the toughest special forces of the world. Para SF which operates at the most difficult situations, they are the real tough nuts of Indian Army. Indian SF is deployed in the most dangerous area in the country.


Indian Para SF is one respected organisation among various special forces.

Indian Para SF didn’t make it’s name by any propaganda, they have written their glory with their blood and sweat. Indian Para Special Forces have proven its metal in various battles, whether it is war with Pakistan or an encounter in Kashmir

When we try to recall some names of SF units, the only names came in our mind are British SAS, United States Seals, Russian FSB Alpha and other. Indian Para SF doesn’t have them on the list, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of anything.

We present an incident, it is a competition organized in Botswana. It was 1999 or 2001 when it was was organized, Nine nations were invited for the participation. Indians too got an invitation and India has sent its most combat-worthy special force Para Special Forces.

Para SF during yudh abhyas

The selection of Indian Para SF was obvious because the competition was between the elite special forces of the world. It was a tough task for the Para SF as they were unknown to the terrain and unaware of the opponent’s strength and weakness. The competition was organized to check who among the best can survive different terrains and all were a surprise. But, we all know that Special forces are trained for everything, no matter what assigned to them. Some tasks were designed in the jungle and the urban scenarios and International judges were called to ensure the procedures for every team, every team was put through similar situation, they took the same briefing and faced the same obstacles.

Para SF operative during encounter in kashmir

The final day were the results. When they were announced, anyone was shocked after hearing the result. The Indian Para Special Forces won the competition beating the glorious British SAS and eight other special forces of the world. Indian Para SF presented excellent show by their training different and unique tactics towards their goals and set an example of extremely fit personalities.
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