When a Para SF Commando Shot Two Terrorists and Got Hit by 2 Bullets - Captain Jaidev Dangi

When a Para SF Commando Shot Two Terrorists and Got Hit by 2 Bullets- Captain Jaidev Dangi

The tale of Captain Jaidev Dangi’s bravery will fill your heart with pride. Captain bravely crossed all the hurdles put up on his way by death and emerged victoriously. For his valour and extraordinary courage that he showed in the battlefield, he was awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, the Kirti Chakra.

The captain who hails from Haryana was the first boy from his school who joined NDA. Not only joining NDA but also showing extraordinary courage in the battlefield, he inspired young generation.

Incident of Adil Ahmed Mir​

Captain along with his friends was in South Kashmir. The 25-year-old engaged Ritu around four months back, on Valentine’s Day, 2014 and they were about to getting married in two months. They were planning everything for their marriage on phone. Jaidev was listening carefully to Ritu until something disturbed them. Jaidev disconnected the phone by saying, “Ritu. Listen. I can’t talk. I will speak to you later. Don’t call back.”

He had to disconnect phone due to commando’s urgent call who briefed about the location of a terrorist in a house in Buchoo village which less than 10 km away. As soon as, Jaidev and team received information about terrorist, they left out their headquarters to remove the terrorist. The militant was named Adil Ahmed Mir and he was stalking Kashmir for many years but failed for several months.

Captain along with eight-man squad reached the location and covered all the probable escaping routes. While operating, it came to know that there were more than two terrorists there. Firing from both the sides began and took intense form. Jaidev and Mukesh(his fellow commando) held the lead spot. They were behind the tree trunk but it could not save Jaidev from being fired by a bullet on his thigh. Also, Mukesh suffered identical injuries. So, he called a team member to take care of him. Then, captain pulled forward his TAR-21 and shot down Adil Mir. But he had not yet died and as he had faced him. Adil fired his last shot at the captain leaving his cheek behind, torn his skin. Captain took the opportunity and pinned him down.

Even the injury didn’t stop Jaidev, he went ahead to find the third terrorist and killed him in a quick close range fire.

After killing the third terrorist, he rushed back to the location where Mukesh was lying. He said to Mukesh, “Kahaa tha na, do goliyan commando ko maarne ke liye kaafi nahi.”

Jaidev and his squad killed terrorists and suffered injuries. They were then taken to the camp with the mission to kill Adil Ahmed Mir successfully done.

Ritu who didn’t know anything about the mission received a call in the evening. She then got to know about what had happened.

Info Source- India’s Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes, book by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh
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