Which Forces Are Authorized to Wear the Maroon Beret?

A beret is wore by soldiers all around the world. They are in different colours and reveal a bit about the regiment they belong to. Berets became a compulsory component of armed forces uniforms from 20th century. Mass production of Beret began in 19th century France and Spain. They were made in different sizes, shapes and colours.

At some places, the beret was used as tradition, at some places as a uniform and also for fashion.

One of the colour which is recognized often is the maroon colour beret. Maroon beret is the symbol of all airborne forces around the globe. Be it Indian Paratroopers, American paratroopers or Italian paratroopers, no matter what gender one has. The Maroon beret is only worn in peace time not during operations. Let us see what forces are authorized to wear Maroon Beret in Indian armed forces.

The Army

In the army, the personnel of the parachute forces are explicitly authorized to wear the beret. There can be some exceptions in case of medical and other support officers.

50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade-

The personnel of 50th parachute regiment

President’s Bodyguard-

Special Forces Units

Indian Air Force- In the Indian Air Force, only special forces wear the beret. The forces in IAF which are authorized to wear the beret are:

Garud Commando Force-

And special operations Force.

Indian Navy-

In the navy, only the Marine commandos are authorized to wear the maroon beret.

Para-military forces- Probably the forces which does a lot of work but isn’t heard often.

The special frontier force from the home ministry are airborne and hence they have authority to wear Maroon Beret.

Parachute trained personnel-

Apart from all the above authorized forces, the personnel who are parachute trained but are not from one of the forces that are specified above are eligible to wear the beret with permission from the Commanding Officer of their respective units.

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