Why Are Some GCs Dressed in Camouflage During IMA’s Passing Out Parade?

Every year many young and energetic cadets join the Indian army after attending the Passing out Parade of Indian Military academy and we all feel proud of their achievements.

There are some gentleman cadets who are not dressed in the olive green but they are dressed in camouflage. We felt that this might raise some curiosity, so we dig deeper and found some information on it.

The Gentleman Cadets or the army officers who have opted for Parachute Regiment are in their camouflage or field uniforms. They have been allowed the Parachute Regiment.

These gentleman cadets will have to complete the probation course for the parachute regiment. If they fail to do so, they’ll be sent to other units of their choice.

They are commissioned as officers but they don’t have a unit of their own until they pass or fail the probation. Therefore, they wear the neutral combat uniform, without any regimental insignia.

Once they clear the Para Commando probation, they can further opt for Special forces and then they deserve the Balidaan Badge. They are further tested and trained to be like one of these guys.

Even the Sword of Honour of 2017 in Indian Military Academy Lt. Chandrakant Acharya opted for Parachute Regiment and hence was in camouflage during Passing Out Parade.

We salute the young men who prove their mettle for the motherland.

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