Why is Haryana in the Indian Army called Texas?

Why is Haryana in the Indian Army called Texas?

Because of the physical prowess and high number of admissions in the respective armed forces. I will try to elucidate my example with statistics from both the sides so it becomes easy for the readers to understand.

Haryana: One of the northern states of India, is quite popular when it comes to the choice of career in Indian Armed Forces. As per 2014 statistics, Of the total 636 gentlemen cadets (GC) , 62 are from Haryana, second only to Uttar Pradesh.

Despite having just 2.09% of the country’s population, Haryana has produced almost 10% officers in the current batch. FIn the December 2013 passing out parade, 70 of 617 cadets who passed out from IMA were from Haryana.

Not only that, but there is also an interesting fact. Former army chief VK Singh and Dalbir Singh Suhag, both belong to Haryana.


Texas: Texas has always been known as the provider of finest military recruits in the US army which can be dated back to WW2 history. Texas A&M Corps Of Cadets No. 3 Among Military Schools — more specifically the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets — is ranked No. 3 nationally in Top 10 military schools in America.


At the time of World War 2, Texans were voluntarily enlisting in greater numbers than any other state by 1941, and by 1943 there were 750,000 Texans in uniform, including two of the most decorated soldiers among the 16 million Americans who served. There were so many Texans in the Canadian Air Force that it was referred to as the Royal Canadian Texas Air Force.


Texas A&M University is only one of three public schools with a full-time corps of cadets on campus. Nevertheless, the university’s corps of cadets is the largest in the country (with exception of the service academies), numbering about 2,250 cadets.

The school has a rich tradition of providing quality officers to the U.S. armed forces. The school has produced over 225 flag and general officers, and members of the schools corps of cadets have been involved in every American armed conflict since 1875. The school’s marching band is also the largest precision military marching band- in the world! Texas does everything big.


The corps of cadets, to give one an idea of the scope of its military program is broken down as follows: 3 Air Force wings, 3 Army brigades, 2 Navy and Marine regiments, and the Fighting Texas Aggie Band. As a result, the university produces more commissioned officers for the U.S. armed forces than any other school outside of the service academies.

Both states have contributed significantly to the Armed forces and it has been marked in history with golden letters. Due to the similarities in love, passion, grit, integrity and respect towards Armed Forces they are called as the synonyms of each other which is still not known by many.

This has been taken from Quora and was written by Abhijit Chatterjee.
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