Why Israel’s IWI Tavor 7 is One of the Best Assault Rifle Option For Indian Army

Tavor family of rifles have enjoyed a lot of proliferation by many countries around the world including India where Indian Special Forces have increasingly adopted the Tavor family of rifles making it one of the most favored firearm apart from the ubiquitous Kalashnikovs. Tavor represents the pinnacle of the 21st century firearm with all features present it as expected from a modern-21st century era firearm. The Tavor family has recently got a shot in the arm with the all new Tavor which is chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO as against the earlier Tavor rifles which were chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO round.

The all-new Tavor 7 has caught every Indian’s attention in the most appealing way. The earlier 5.56x45mm NATO rounds used in Tavor family of rifles posed many problems particularly in range , accuracy and stopping power as against 7.62x51mm which exhibited excellent range, accuracy and stopping power. Unlike 5.56x45mm , it does not maims the target, but rather kill it on a direct shot which is a paramount importance of a soldier facing enemy in a battlefield. Windage factors are also taken as it is less affected by winds during its trajectory at higher ranges. It has a high penetrating power also and can also penetrate soft body Armour which have got less costlier these days and are now available to many extremists groups.

The all new Tavor 7 capitalizes on these advantages. It is a fully ambidextrous platform which means it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters with same ease due to presence of charging handle which can be quickly switched on both sides as needed. It features safety lever, magazine release, and bolt catch from X-95 and has got standard MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rails at the 6 o’clock position to mount various optics and accessories like Holographic Sights and Flashlights.

As against earlier Tavor family of rifles which exhibited long-stroke gas piston system (which is more reliable) , it exhibits short-stroke gas piston so we can conclude that there would be a major difference in reliability of both platforms. It features Sniper Gray, OD Green, Black, and Flat Dark Earth camo patterns depending on mission profiles. Depending on mission profiles it also features 17″ (432 mm) and 20″ (508 mm) barrel which are inter-changeable. It features an easily changeable Pistol Grip and a 4–position variable gas regulator along with an OFF position specially meant for Special Forces.

The rifle body is made of high-strength and durable polymer with hammer-forged, chrome-lined, free-floating barrel for long service life. It weighs a little more than its international counterparts at 4.1kg and can fire 600~900 rounds per minute theoretically.

It can use any NATOMIL STD 7.62 Steel / aluminum / polymer magazine and features fully optimized ergonomic design as per the soldier’s needs.

So should Indian Army think over it ?

Indian Army presently wants a Battle Rifle to equip its combat infantry. Tavor 7 can be an optimum choice for this as Tavor family of rifles have been adopted quite faithfully in Indian Armed Forces though adopting it in Regular Infantry might pose its own limitations since many soldiers are not much comfortable with bullpup rifles and prefer conventional rifles more. Tavor 7 will be manufactured at Punj Lloyd Raksha Systems in India itself meant not just for Indian needs but also for export purposes under “Make in India” project. This means that this rifle can be mass manufactured for Indian needs and this will also cut down import costs.

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