10 Craziest CIA Operations That The U.S.A Government Would Want To Hide

10 Craziest CIA Operations That The U.S.A Government Would Want To Hide

The Central Intelligence Agency, also known as CIA comprises a team responsible for gathering, processing, releasing and sometimes manipulating information that goes around the world, after all the work is not as simple as shown in Hollywood movies.

The task of keeping national security intact is primarily done with the help of Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Now, it should not come as a surprise when the U.S does something going out of their way, and those ways are mostly ‘Not’ straight. Their reach is beyond our imagination and their duty of protecting their citizens goes as deep as putting the same people at risk for bigger use.

When you see their activities going low keys, just know that they have become better at covering their tracks and bluff the civilian out of you. Former CIA Director William Colby was quoted as once saying, “The CIA owns everyone of major significance in the major media.”

Get a peep into the most eccentric and unusual CIA operations that the government would want to hide from you.

Operation Northwoods (1962)​

In 1962, the Cold War was raging and to give the U.S upper hand against Cuba, the CIA proposed Operation Northwoods to President John F. Kennedy. The position of the U.S called for something outrageous to reason their action on Cuba. The controversial project was supposed make the government committing heinous crimes and violent terror attacks on their own people including assassinations to riots.

Operation Northwoods (1962)

The intentions were obvious as they wanted to blame the damage on Cuba breaking a war against the communists led Fidel Castro. However, it was rejected by JFK only for the plans to get released in 1997 which might be related to his assassination.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion (1960)​

The Bay of Pigs was supposed to be extremely beneficial for the U.S but the secret operation against Cuba turned into a mass killing beyond the plan.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion (1960)

The CIA trained over 1,300 Cubans to double cross Castro but the information got leaked to the Cuban intelligence. The operation led to the killing of 100 Americanized Cubans and 2,000 Cubans during the initial assault. Just when the Americans were fully prepared to make an attack, they were forced to surrender.

Project Pigeon (1944)​

During World War II, due to lack of technological advancement the CIA for real considered enlisting pigeons for conducting some of their operations. The agency hired BF Skinner, a researcher to train these birds a little about defending the country.

Obvious as it was, the birds would just fly before they could complete their course (thankless) and so did $25000 that was flown for the ridiculous project in the history of defence.

Acoustic Kitty (1967)​

So after pigeons were terminated, here comes agent Kitty. The CIA actually wanted a common house cat to become a spy. Don’t miss the end.

Acoustic Kitty (1967)

The Acoustic Kitty took an investment of over $20 million with strapping of recording devices to the felines and surgical implant of microphones, antennae and batteries in their tails. They were supposed to get into Russian embassy to collect intelligence but the operation came crashing down when the first cat assigned for a mission was run over by a taxi.

Operation Mongoose (1962)​

The CIA with their never giving up attitude designed another operation in order to dethrone Castro and it was named Operation Mongoose. This time without any help from domestic animals, the humans were pretty direct for his assassination.

Operation Mongoose (1962)

Absolutely unlike of how you suppose CIA to assassinate enemy, but yeah, they tried poisoning his cigars. Fidel somehow managed to survive all of these cunning attempts, adding another failure to CIA efforts.

Operation Midnight Climax (1950s)​

During the 1950s and 60s, there were a dozen of new drugs being introduced in the United States which they did not know the effects of. In order to test these trippy drugs on men, the CIA used an interesting way of luring them into the safe houses from California to New York equipped with prostitutes.

Operation Midnight Climax (1950s)

The objective was to observe their behavioral pattern through the two-way mirror and of course some live porn. The operation was taken down after the sexual blackmail became a problem.

The Stargate Project (1995)​

Time for another unusual way the CIA works. The Stargate Project which involved the idea of studying psychic abilities chunk about $20 million.

The Stargate Project (1995)

The project couldn’t sail because of some pretty poor results. With all the drastic efforts, god knows how the government would have used such a thing as super human abilities.

Operation Mockingbird (1951)​

During 1950s, the Operation Mockingbird led to the selling of massive amount of propaganda to the Americans. The CIA conducted mass manipulation of some of the biggest media agencies from New York Times to Time Magazine having control over almost every story or headline published.

Operation Mockingbird (1951)

This eventually influenced the public opinion at vast level, as was hoped. However, the public realised how they were fooled when the operation came to light in the 1960s.

“Operation Gay Sex” (Ongoing)​

The CIA famous for its tactics by now, have also tried their hands on the production of their own gay porn but for a different reason. They were said to make look-alikes of communist leaders in order to damage their public image which is relatively a big deal in communist countries than anywhere else.

The last time CIA suggested this tactic was during the second Gulf War using Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden but thankfully it was dropped.

Project MK-ULTRA (1950s – Today)​

The CIA conducted their most daring operation when the agency decided to experiment with again, American Citizens of mind control into creating “zombies” to perform some tasks. The subjects considered were then given LSD or amphetamines, electric shocks and various forms of brain washing.

Project MK-ULTRA (1950s – Today)

The experiments were hazardous and torturous beyond imagination both physically and chemically. The results though remains to be classified, were quite successful. These kind of test are said to be still in practice, however on a small scale and less damaging.
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