10 Facts Of Siachen Glacier That Will Make You Proud Of Indian Army

Do you have any idea what a soldier needs to face while being deployed at Siachen, the highest combat zone on the globe? Instead of killing weather, the passion of soldiers for serving their country remains intact. They have to face a challenge to remain active in a 76km long glacier region at 5400-meter altitude and to prevent the nation from Pakistani forces.

They are simply superheroes as they keep not only their physical strength to the point but also they need to keep their mental and spiritual limits up to the mark and they do it very well. This is why they are called Indian Soldiers and demands you to know the 10 Facts about them:

Let’s know the facts about soldiers posted at Siachen Glacier​

1. Siachen is the reason for two wars amongst all the three wars fought between India and Pakistan. It remains the centre of the argument for India and the enemy country for the hostility issue.

2. Soldiers posted in Siachen have to survive in the minus 60-degree temperature and 10% oxygen. But, these adverse conditions don’t affect soldiers and their volition.

3. The appropriate weather of Siachen allows and attracts mountaineers to climb the peak. However, this is not true in the case of soldiers as they have to climb the Siachen peak in not-so-good and even in the bad weather.

4. As the soldiers live at such a high altitude, physical problems and several health issues like weight loss, memory loss, sleeping disorder become a common problem for them to live with.

5. The soldiers in Siachen always live with the fear of Frostbit (a situation in which if your skin touches any steel (for soldiers, it’s gun barrel) for nearly 15 seconds or more, the steel gets attached to the skin and that results in damage of skin tissues. Sometimes, the body ends up in the falling of the organ.

6. Indians and foods are a combo. Indian loves food but for Indian soldiers, having fresh food in Siachen glacier is rare. For instance, if any fruit says apple is kept for a while, it will turn into a hard product.

7. The snowstorm is a big issue for soldiers protecting the borders at such a high altitude. If any snowstorm continues for 2-3 weeks, it will make the surrounding deadly for soldiers of the Army.

8. Indian soldiers without any fear of their lives stay strong in even a snowfall of over 3 dozen feet which is more than enough to swallow any human easily.

9. If the records are seen, 846 soldiers have lost their lives in last 30 years. To salute the valour and courage of soldiers, the Indian Army has decided to treat every soldier who dies at Siachen because of adverse conditions and cold climate will be treated as battle casualties.

10. So far many lives are registered on the battlefield of Siachen. Also, a war memorial has been established on the Nubra river and the names of all the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country have been written on that memorial.

The soldiers are always ready to devote their lives for the protection of the country. Serving the nation at the highest battleground in the world and in adverse conditions is the most difficult task but our soldiers do it with all enthusiasm and zeal.

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