10 Interesting Facts About Indian Naval Academy

Indian Naval Academy is one of the most prestigious institutions of the India. Indian Naval Academy is responsible for the training of all Indian Navy’s as well as Indian Coast Guard officers.

Indian Naval Academy is a premier institution for the training and the development of the future officers for the Indian Navy. The officers who will lead the way in the stormy sea and endless looking ocean. Indian Naval Academy is responsible for serving the best men to command the ships of world’s 7th largest navy. Here are some facts about Indian Navy that you shouldn’t miss.

1 – NAVAC to Indian Naval Academy​

Indian Naval Academy was established as NAVAC(Naval Academy) in 1969, but later by the inauguration of new infrastructure at Ezhimala, near Payyanur, Kannur district, Kerala the name changed to Indian Naval Academy from Naval Academy.

2 – Humongous campus of 2,452 acres​

Indian Naval Academy is a different world in its own, it has campus spread in around 2,452 acres including naval base depot INS Zamorin, and the naval hospital, INHS Navjivani. Not every college has a naval base in their campus.

3 – Specialized training for Naval challenges​

Indian Naval Academy is one of the most reputed institutions in the whole world regarding training of Naval cadets. Indian Naval Cadets posses tactics, techniques and educational capabilities which you may not find anywhere else in the world.

4 – Training of Indian Navy officers along with the coast guards​

The role of both the branches is quite different in the time of peace and war, but this institution accommodates both trainees of both the courses under same campus. Indian Naval Academy is responsible for the elite training of the coast guards, who are guarding the water frontiers 24/7 365 days.

5 – You should know the first commandant and first Deputy Commandant​

The first Commandant of the INA was Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan and the first Deputy Commandant was Rear Admiral Kapil Gupta.

6 – Institution worth billions of dollars​

On 8 January 2009 the Indian Naval Academy, was inaugurated by then prime minister Manmohan Singh. Originally envisaged to cost ₹1.66 billion (US$25 million) in 1987, the final project cost in 2009 was ₹7.21 billion (US$110 million).

7 – Training in real enviroment and cutting edge equipments​

Indian Naval Academy facilitate you to learn everything, you may need to know and operate in the time of war. Indian Naval Academy don’t make just graduate students they are making warriors for the wars of the motherland.

8 – Indian Naval Academy can train and educate over 1200 cadets every year​

The academy accepts up to 1200 cadets for officer-training each year. This includes interim training facilities for the Indian Coast Guard. The academy has enough infrastructure educate such massive amount of cadets each year. The INA has auditorium for 1800 students and other huge facilities.

9 – INA is more than just a training academy​

The administration zone consists of the Administrative Complex, the naval hospital INHS Navjivani, logistics complex, motor transport complex and the campus fire station. The academy has uniformed and civilian staff for training and administrative support. It had 161 officers, 47 professors/lecturers, 502 sailors and 557 defense civilians in 2010. The campus includes accommodation facilities for staff and their families, with capacity of about 4000.

10 – INA is one its kind in the whole South Asia​

India Naval Academy is on its kind in the whole South Asia, the academy is known for its precise training. Several great officers and Navy chief’s were the part of the Indian Naval Academy.

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