Interesting facts about India’s Deadly Anti-Submarine Kamorta-class Corvettes

Interesting facts about India’s Deadly Anti-Submarine Kamorta-class Corvettes

Here are some interesting facts about Kamorta-class Ships of Indian Navy

1 – The Kamorta Class corvettes are the first Indian Navy ships to be equipped with rail-less helo traversing system with INS Kadmatt being the first to feature such a system. This is a revolutionary step for Indian warships and this system includes Starboard Deck Winch and Restrainer, Deflector Rollers, Hangar Winch, Hangar Power Unit, Forward Pull, Restraining Cables, Deck Power Unit and Port Deck Winch and Restrainer.

2. Kamorta Class has got various features and a combination of networks like Total Atmospheric Control System (TACS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Integrated Bridge System (IBS), Battle Damage Control System (BDCS) and Personnel Locator System (PLS).


3. It features a X-form hull with sloped superstructure sides which gives it stealth features and a low Radar Cross Section. It has also got a infrared signature suppression system.

4. The heavy use of indigenous material has made Kamorta class , an Indian-designed warship. The indigenization level on Kamorta class is well upto 90%.

5. It has got a wide variety of sensors like BEL Revathi 3-D E/F-band radar, TMX EO Mk2 FCR, an indigenous bow mounted sonar and an Atlas Elektronik towed array sonar.

6. It features Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) propulsion which gives it a quite and stealthy ship running.

7. It can be used quite efficiently in Littoral Warfare , Carrier Escort , Anti-Submarine Warfare ( along with P-8I ) and has the endurance of a frigate though it is a corvette.

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