10 Lessons We Can Learn From The Indian Army To Succeed In Life

It is the universal truth that the way army teaches you life lessons no one can ever do the same way. To perform on the battlefield of life one only need military teaching.

However, Indian Military Academy is no child’s play that anyone can survive, only pre-determined one has the power to survive it. Well, due to some reason if you do not be able to join it then take this lesson from them to prepare yourself for the tough journey of life.

Here look at 10 life lessons that you will need to succeed in the life:

1. Discipline: Discipline is something we need the day to day life and no one can be a better teacher to teach you the importance of routine than army. Normally, we plan for things but fails to execute so following the path of Indian army we can do them at the same time.

2. Own Integrity: If you will not honor yourself and your work, always remember no one can ever do. Indian Armed Forces largely live an honest, apolitical standard of integrity in their work.

3. Be professional: Indian army soldiers are highly persistence and dedicated towards their duty on the border. If you mean to contribute to something, you should always do perfectly.

4. Value of sacrifice: To succeed in life one must understand the value of sacrifice like Indian soldiers does. They are so loyal and have a feeling of patriotism due to which they spend months away from their love ones.

5. A team is first: If you are working in an organization and forever show envy for colleagues then listen you are only doing wrong for your self. Learn to believe in your team because when you trust something it becomes easier to give it your all.

6. Forget selfishness: How can reach your goal while harming others? There is no route to that. Indian Army is an organization that teaches its members, “The safety, honor, and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honor, comfort, and safety of the man you command come next. Your own ease, comfort & safety come last, always and every time.”

7. The determination is must: Without determined mind and heart, you can never achieve your goals. And, it is the determination that stands out Indian Army soldiers in the crowd. They have ability to achieve their goals, even fighting against impossible odds.

8. Thirst for adventure: Life means to only to get succeed and achieve your goals, you need some adventure to make it interesting. Soldiers always encouraged adventure activities like sky-diving, para-sailing, mountaineering, etc.

9. “Unity In Diversity”: Good human being has no religion, caste or color and the real example of this is the soldiers of Indian Army. They face the battle and save our life without thinking the second time. Learn equal opportunity and brotherhood.

10. Responsibility: Always remember an irresponsible person can never be successful in life. One is accountable to anything that he/she is responsible for.

To be concluded whether in the army or outside it, you need these major rules in your life. Might be these will not give you desired salary but you have the real essence of what we call “Life”

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