An Ode to a General, a Leader of Men who Happens to be a Super Dad too

An Ode to a General, a Leader of Men who Happens to be a Super Dad too

In today’s world when Indian Army is going through multiple transformations, one doesn’t often come across such rare breed of Generals. Indian Army has been going through intense criticism both from its own population as also from outside world. To set these biased opinions to a side is this story of a remarkable General officer, grounded yet thorough professional, an idol for juniors in Indian Army who displays rare aplomb and gusto of a Champion of sorts both in the battlefield and off it.


Lt Gen Satish Dua, ex-chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) hung up his boots recently. He was a son of a JCO in Indian Airforce and studied across India wherever his father was posted. He was in no ivy league school and had no Sainik school grooming. He left studying first year of MBBS(in Bellary) midway to join NDA. With no godfather in the service and no background, he was first to become corps commander and also army commander from the gallant JAKLI regiment. All his commands have been in LC/CT milieu.

He was also a Company commander, in Operation Rhino. He tenanted the appointment of Staff Brigade Major in High Altitude Area of Kargil and was Brigade General staff of the largest corps of Indian Army South of Pir Panjal i.e 16Coros. He always loved to be with troops, in operations and regularly indulges in horse riding and (jumps, tent pegging), adventure sports like skydiving, motorbiking, mountain riding, bungee jumping, snow skiing, water skiing etc. He is indeed a Generals General and Soldiers Soldier! Stay blessed Tiger.


Lt Gen Satish Dua’s son shared his emotions on his retirement day.

As I write this, I’m in a strange mix of emotions and nostalgia. Today feels like a new beginning but also, the end of an era. An era that is more than a lifetime for Ardaman and me as part of an institution that has literally moulded who we are as individuals and shaped our value system. We were born into the Indian Army family and are super proud to have had the privilege of being called Fauji kids.

As Dad calls time on a glorious and long career of 39 years, I just want to express my gratitude and respect for this institution. The Fauj is a lifestyle unlike any. Period. The class, the traditions, the camaraderie. It truly is a life less ordinary. To have the honour of growing up around real-life superheroes and hearing their tales of valour is the stuff every boy dreams of. A salute to all the unsung heroes and martyrs who keep this nation and its citizens safe.


Lastly, a huge thanks to Dad for his service to the nation and to always being the larger than life role model two young boys always looked up to. His career is better than any action movie out there and I now know how Legends are made. And much love and gratitude for Mom for being the rock of support, calm and motivation that no successful officer or Fauji kid can do without. Indeed, without such strong women, an army cannot hope to march into any battle ♥️


(How the armed forces gives a farewell to his distinguished soldier.)

On this red-letter day, I want to share a few glimpses of Dad’s farewell which began with a dinner hosted by the 3 chiefs and culminated in a beautiful jeep pulling ceremony, with him riding off into the sunset.

Also, a farewell banquet was given by the three chiefs and the release of the HQ IDS coffee table book.

Farewell banquet by the 3 chiefs and the release of the HQ IDS coffee table book

On his last day in the army, he invited soldiers, sailors, airmen and civil staff from office and guard for dinner.

Some Glimpses

Lt Gen Satish Dua was also given an emotional farewell by IDS in traditional style; rides into sunset. Final guard of honour was given by JAKLI guard at Trident House.


When he rode home on his bike after handing over, there was no staff and no staff car. We salute him for his many contributions to nations security. He will always be respected as a military leader & and a great role model.
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