From a Navy Sailor to an Army officer, Failed SSB 9 times, Finally Passed Out

There are numerous of stories of people putting extraordinary courage and achieving success. All of them motivate us to do the best in our lives and to never give up.

One such story is of Lt. Raman Singh who fought huge challenges to finally become an army officer. He was born in a below poverty line family. His father was a construction worker with a very low income. He had his schooling from a local school with limited facilities.

Raman cleared the engineering exam with a good rank and was admitted in a govt. college but had to quit after one year due to lack of funds. He joined the Indian navy as sailor in 2011. He again started his graduation and completed it from IGNOU in 2015.

Since 2015, Raman started applying for all the notifications to be an officer. Most of us may break down after a couple of failures but Raman was not. He failed his SSB 9 times. Finally, in 2016, the 10th time he succeeded.

He joined OTA in April 2017 and got commissioned into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant.

All it takes dedication to be successful and we wish the best of luck to Lt. Raman for his future.

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