How dangerous is an Individual Special Forces Soldier?

A friend of my family was in the Norwegian Special Forces (MJK) and his father told me this story.

He and his buddy from his platoon was out having a meal at the local diner. They had just received their meal. 2 kebabs in pita. A group of local guys who clearly didn’t like people from the army base approached them (They obviously didn’t know that they were a part of the special forces).

The local goons started name calling and pushing my friends son. All he did was give his kebab to his mate and calmly defeat at least 5 of the 12 guys alone, the rest fled. He got his kebab back and finished his meal before heading back to the base.

I’ve seen some people mentioning before me that Special forces does not get much hand to hand combat training and are in worse shape than a marine. This does not apply to the Norwegian Special forces. They are trained in Krav Maga etc. and are in such good shape that they are believed to be super humans. I was in the Norwegian navy stationed at a large naval base where all the sf recruits trying to get through the needle eye to become a MJK field operator (special force) where currently stationed as well. It’s insane what they have to go through. One day they had to run around a soccer field for 10 hours. After finishing 1 round they had to do 10 pull-ups. I just can’t believe how it’s done. The year I spent in the Norwegian military I got to know that none of the recruits were accepted into the special forces that year.

My conclusion is yes, soldiers from the special forces are both deadly and in such insane physical and mental shape that you should not push their buttons.

This has been taken from Quora and was written by Christian Emil Morterud

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