How I Got Recommended in NDA in 5th Attempt

My name is Avinash and I am from Lucknow, a defence aspirant from childhood. My journey started from last year after I passed class 12. Clearing NDA written exam became a challenge for me but I was appearing for TES and NAVY tech.

My first SSB was on 10 August 2017 at Allahabad for TES 38. I got screened in easily. At that time I was a little casual person and I did some mistakes in GTOs. My interview went for 15 minutes only. I was unable to make it, at that time. I got conference out. A huge failure for me. I was unable to forget it for about a month.

After that, I appeared for NAVY tech SSB at Coimbatore where I got screened out because the GD of my group was not healthy. Again a disappointment.

Then a smile on my face as I saw TES 39 notification. My SSB was on 25th Jan 2018 at Banglore. Preparations were going on but, again I got screened out. This time I was very upset I decided to not appear for direct entries but, my friends helped me out. I went to appear for my NAVY tech SSB which was at Coimbatore again on 6th feb. I had a clear aim to get screened in first and I did it. After getting screened in from 216 candidates I was having a different smile on my face. My psychology went good as well as the interview but GTOs again ruined my graph. Only one got recommended out of 36 and again a failure in my life.

I gave my 5th NDA with full confidence and yes this time finally I cleared it. Extreme happiness in my inner world. For SSB, I changed my approach. I gave up writing stories daily but started analyzing my day to day activities. Started reading self help books , editorials and day by day I was able to notice a change in my personality. My NDA SSB was on 18th August.

I did well in PPDT and got screened in. For the psychological test, I just tried to relate myself to the picture and wrote my actions in that situation. In WAT I wrote maximum observational responses and in this way, my psychology test went well. In GTOs, I just cooperated with my group. I even asked my subordinate for help in command task as I was not having any idea.

My interview was just after my GTO, firstly he asked me about my GTO performance and my stay and then a series of question from PIQ after answering them he asked me about my daily routine and I told him everything which included newspaper reading. He asked me to tell three national and international news and to elaborate any one. I told all news and said to him that I want to elaborate Kerala floods but he told me elaborate Venezuela crisis, I explained about it briefly.

He then asked me that who is the president of Venezuela and I said I do not remember exactly but his title is Muduro. He then asked me the no. of individual obstacles I did as my hobby is Calisthenic. I said 15 and he said okay. My interview was over now. My conference was also very short and then came the results the first chest no. he named was 22. I was shocked. I thought I am dreaming but yes this was the moment for which I had struggled a lot. I was in the same conference hall where my journey had started. A huge satisfaction in myself and my confidence again built up. Friends keep working on yourself because “Sometimes it delays but Hard work always pays”.

After that I went to Banglore for TES 40 on 7th September out of 120, 20 got screened in. This was a different experience as I was a recommended repeater there. I was satisfied with my GTOs and Physical performance but my interview did not well that good as it was of 17 minutes only. In the conference, I was asked a lot of questions like tell the quality which your sister always tells you to improve upon, I just smiled and said that I do my day to day tasks in a hurry she just tells me to be calm. He then asked me to give the reason why my interview went so short so I answered that I left some questions, he then asked me to tell all those questions which I had not answered. I had already introspected my performance. Those questions were in my mind already, so I simply told them and he smiled and said okay Avinash, you may leave.

In the conference hall again my chest number was called first and one more guy got recommended. I was very happy to get recommended again.
I just hope that my experience will help you all. Keep going…

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