How to Identify a Special Forces Soldier when he’s not in his uniform?

If he is obviously out of shape, then he is obviously not a special forces soldier.

But if he is very muscular, chance is, he isn’t a special forces soldier, either. The most important aspect of fitness for soldiers is stamina, because they have to carry heavy stuffs over very long distance, and to run away quickly if there is a sudden fire from enemy, and they still need stamina to fight against the attacking enemy. More muscle means more stuffs to carry around and more energy is expended, which doesn’t worth the trouble.

If he has a very pronounced 6-packs abs, chance is, he isn’t a special forces soldier, either. Getting a 6-packs abs requires very little body fat, which practically means starving yourself. When you are behind the enemy’s line, you have a lot of troubles to deal with: enemy’s patrol, booby traps, communication jammer, etc. You don’t want to add hunger to the already long list of problems.

The typical body of special forces soldier is like this:

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Look at his wristwatch. Is it the diameter of a dinner plate, with lots of dials and a matte finish?

Is he tanned almost black? Another indication.

How many languages does he speak? Is his house full of ordnance? Does he spend his free time…extremely? Parachuting, climbing, diving—NOT watching TV?

You may have an operator! Don’t make any sudden moves around these folks, as they tend to be very situationally aware and used to negating perceived threats with alacrity. Buy him a beer or ten and just listen.

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