If China forces a war on India, can a Civilian Join Indian Army to fight for India?

Do you know during world war II, civilians were asked to volunteer for the fight, and many of them joined the war to save their nation? We never want a war as we are a peaceful nation but this thought comes in our mind a lot of times, will we able to join Indian army if there is a war, sometimes we have this question in mind, let’s see what might happen.

Civilians are the last one to be asked for enrollment. In case of an all out war, 1st in order is all ex-servicemen who have retired within last 5 years.

After this, Reserve forces like Territorial Army and later the Para-military forces would be called in. Next comes all the NCC – B & C certificate holders. Probably, first in age group less than 25, then with increments of 5 years up to 45 – 50 years.

Lastly the civilian enrollment as per recommended age-groups. We don’t think we will get any where till that mark.

For the purpose of war – trained soldiers are needed. War time recruitment was probably last done only in 1971. But this is an extreme case and may not be needed now. Our defense establishment has long evolved with the numbers + strategies needed and they have put most of them in place.

We have a population of 1.3 Billion People. When it comes for the country, even the most physically challenged person will go the extreme extent to defend the motherland. And I am sure there will be millions who can make life of Chinese a misery on borders.

However, no responsible government will ever send people on war-front like sacrificial lambs. We have a pretty long list of reserve forces, before the government thinks about it.

But again I iterate – There is no need to fear. Our current Military Strength without using any bench strength is strong enough to handle any eventuality.

Also, I feel we need not fear the bullying of China, but only stand firm as our ARMY is doing currently. This will not go beyond it. Theoretically if we were really transgressing Chinese borders, war would have already started.

No need to fear and no need to get nervous also:

This is exactly what the Chinese think tank wants us to do. If we become nervous, we also put pressure on government. The government then removes funds from development and puts them into military expenditure.

The loss of development funds will keep us poor similar to 60’s to late 80’s and gives Chinese Industry the leverage to growth.

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