IMA Whiskey: The Whiskey offered At Indian Military Academy, You Can’t Get Elsewhere

IMA Whiskey: The Whiskey offered At Indian Military Academy, You Can’t Get Elsewhere

The Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, trains the boys into becoming gentleman for the Indian Army since it was established on October 1, 1932. Once admitted in IMA, a trainee is referred as a Gentleman Cadet (GC) in order for the graduates to develop and grace highest moral and ethnic values.

Those who survives the heavy and rigorous training in the academy, goes on to become the defender of the country. Having that said, all the GC (Gentleman Cadet), during their training period at IMA has to get their hand on at IMA Whiskey at least once.

What Is IMA Whiskey?​

As obvious as it sounds, IMA Whiskey is ‘definitely not’ an alcoholic beverage or any drink. IMA Whiskey is in fact a training exercise drill cadets need to practice.


How It Is Done As Part Of The Drill?​

After intense training that goes on for hours, when the cadets are exhausted to even move a muscle and think that was it, that’s when the IMA Whiskey begins.

The Indian Military Whiskey exercise involves the cadets to put their fingers down on the ground and move around it for about 20 times. The spinning around the finger makes the cadets feel Dizzy and unsteady. The sensation of head spin becomes quite similar of that one gets after a hangover, now the name makes sense right?


This drill is usually taken into practice during boxing sessions. Once done with IMA Whiskey, the GC’s are instructed to start punching bag 20 times at a speed as fast as possible with every bit of stamina that remains. The same cycle of 20 circles and 20 punches go hand in hand, again and again.

The logic behind the practice of IMA Whiskey.​

Much like the trainees, the IMA Whiskey routine might confuse a lot of people as it doesn’t make sense right away but there lies a reasonable explanation for it.

In case of a one on one combat with an enemy, the first punch that hits a cadet’s head will get him to lose balance making him giddy. The enemy might expect a defeat on GC’s part after that shot but little does he know that the fallen cadet will rise immediately with 20 strikingly fast and hard punches knocking his opponent.

This happens because the continuous training makes it a Power Muscle Memory to react in a certain situation.

The IMA GC has to go through a training period of one year and the trainee graduated of a non- military college, for one and a half years. The training regime at IMA includes strengthening of the physical, mental and leadership skills.
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