Major Akshay Girish: He Saved Others, But Couldn’t Save His Own Life In Nagrota Attack

Soldiers protect the borders all day long and night, so that civilians can sleep without any fear or threat. Their courage to face the enemy make us live with peace. They keep their eyes on the country’s borders so that no ill eye can have their bad effect on the country and its nationals. Indian Army with their determination of not thinking even once to sacrifice their life is protecting us.

There are thousands of soldiers who have sacrificed their life for their motherland and Major Akshay Girish Kumar was one of those bravest soldiers in the Indian Army who has served for the country till his last breathe. Major Kumar was an enthusiastic boy who always desired to served for the nation. He was born in Bengaluru and a fit person who was born for protecting the nation. The cheerful lad of Bengaluru served for the nation till he breath last.

A senior Army officer said, “He was cheerful, fit and a person made for the army.”

Today, we are remembering Major Kumar for his sacrifice which he made on November 29, 2016 by jumping into a hostage situation in Nagarata and rescued the lives of men, women and children hosted in the camp, the wife of Major Akshay and three-year-old daughter were also part of the hostage.

Major Akshay did all the possible things that he could do to save lives of innocent women and children, however, he lost him own life while saving the others. His bravery will always be remembered and will serve young soldiers as inspiration for India.

Major Kumar was only 31 when he took a big step to sacrifice his live in the Nagrota terror attack. Avinash Kumar, a civilian employee who worked as a domestic help with Major Girish’s family said, “He was a brother to me.” He further added, “I have known him since he was a child because my mother worked for his family and they always kept in touch with us.”

Not only Avinash, but one of the officer’s first company commanders drove all night from Uttarakhand and attended his funeral said, “He saved the lives of 16 to 18 people but he could not save his own life. He had spoken to me four or five days earlier and was saying we should meet up…When he was a youngster — a lieutenant and captain — I was his immediate officer. He was cheerful, fit and a person made for the army.”

Before martyr Major Akshay’s body was shifted to his residence, he was given full military honours at the Yelahanka air Base.

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