Meet Abhishek Patel, a Cop who Ran 1 km with a 10 kg Bomb on his Shoulder to Save School Kids

Meet Abhishek Patel, a Cop who Ran 1 km with a 10 kg Bomb on his Shoulder to Save School Kids

What will you do if you find a bomb lying near you or to make it worst, lying in the school premises where around 400 kids were present?

A similar situation was in front of Mr. Abhishek Patel who is a head constable in Madhya Pradesh Police. And he ran with all his might to save everyone in the residential area.

It all started when Police got an anonymous call about presence of an explosive in the school premises in Chitora village which is located in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report in India today, there were around 400 students in the school when the bomb was found. The police acted instantly and came up on the stop. Senior teacher Ajay Kumar told Times News Network that, “Police saw the bomb and immediately asked us to close for the day, almost two hours early. We asked the students to leave at once.”

Soon, the media also arrived on the stop and it was all crowded. Suddenly, it was observed that one police officer was sprinting away with supposedly bomb on his shoulder. The journalist was not aware of this and only a 10 second clip was caught on camera which went viral on social media website, Facebook.

Abhishek Patel, the cop took the bomb on his shoulders and was rushing away from the bushes towards a small hill in order to run as far as he could to save all the kids and everyone.

It is commendable that without worrying for his life, Abhishek Patel ran for one kilometer non-stop and he returned, still breathing heavily. Abhishek was a part of police operation when a similar bomb was stopped few months back. There is an army shooting range near the village and the army was alerted of the bomb but no one knows how it reached there.

SP of Sagar district, Satyendra Shukla spoke on the phone call with DNA, and told Head Constable Abhishek Patel was on Police Control Van duty when he got a call about a bomb in the backyard of a school in Chitora. He immediately rushed to the spot. He picked up the bomb and ran with it as fast as he could. He disposed it at a place far away from the village.

Satyendra Shukla spoke to DNA and said that his only intention was to get far as quickly as possible because if the bomb exploded it will cover 500 meters of area.

A video clip of 12 seconds with Patel running has gone viral on the internet and MP’s Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for the brave cop.
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