Meet Dr Captain Nikita Srivastava Who Saved The Life of 5-year-old Girl

“Humanity Is Still Alive And Dr Captain Nikita Srivastava Is An Example”

A 5-year-old girl is now able to see the world all over again as she is out from the mouth of death. Baby is suffering from Encephalitis.

Assam’s Hattigor Army hospital treated the girl for free of cost because due to financial arrests her parents couldn’t be able to pay for treatment.

Seema Boro, the 5-year-old survival is the residents of Shantipur village where she is living with her parents had lost all hope. Seema’s parents also started living the harsh ill of life that their daughter is seriously ill and due to socio-economic limitations they couldn’t do anything.

However, the parents have tried their best what they can do, they had taken the baby to a private hospital in Tezpur and Guwahati Medical College. But, due to the high charge of treatment, they took her back to home.

“Where there is hope, there is Army”

Seem’s parents came to know about Hattigor’s Army’s Red Horn Division’s Field Hospital which not only gives medical services to Army but also provides treatment to civilian.

It was their luck that they met the young medical officer on time, Captain Nikita Srivastava was on duty when their child was in an affecting coma state. Captain Srivastava instantly diagnosed that the little girl was suffering from infectious Encephalitis.

She explained that it is a condition where the cerebrum tissues get excited or swell up because of a contamination and due to which the intracranial pressure increases. And, this also initiating various life-threatening symptoms like a headache, nausea, respiratory disturbances, vomiting, high-grade fever, lethargy, drowsiness, visual disturbances, decreased or loss of consciousness, stiff neck and seizures.

Well, fortune blessed the family and Captain Srivastava took it as a challenge to get the baby bring her life again. She started her treatment after discussions and permission of her Commanding Officers and also discussed with a recognized Paediatrician in her hometown Bareilly.

“All is well if the end wells”, after three months of treatment she showed some exceptional signs of recovery. And, now the 5-year old Seema is living a normal and happy life.

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