Meet Mastana, the Goat who Holds Havaldar Rank in Indian Army

Meet Mastana, the Goat who Holds Havaldar Rank in Indian Army

There are so many stories that makes Indian Army a legendary force. The Indian army routinely fights death and there are many instances to prove it. Apart from dog, many less animals are inducted in the armed forces. But legends do exist and this is just one of them.

The camaraderie of Fauj extends to non human members also.

Let us tell you about Mastana, a goat that holds the rank of Hawaldar in Indian army.

In 1965, India-Pak war broke out, an Indian battalion was trapped in an area which was full with mines laid by the Pakistan army. The soldiers started to pray to Jwala devi, the goddess of fire, a goat appeared from no where and walked through the mine filled land and reached safely on the other side.

A path was made for the soldiers who will now be able to escape the mine trap.

The soldiers believe the goat to be a messenger from the Goddess. They named it Mastana and took it with them.

When Mastana died, they replaced it with another goat and the tradition continues. There has been a long line of Mastanas since 1965.

Every Goat Mastana gets promoted to Havaldar.
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