Pakistani Fired Over 3000 Bombs on this Temple in 1965 but could not Destroy it

Pakistani Fired Over 3000 Bombs on this Temple in 1965 but could not Destroy it

How many of you have seen the movie ‘Border’? Well, I am sure you have and you might have noticed a temple in the movie too.

If not, well we are talking about the Tanot temple, the one that Pakistanis bombarded with 400 bombs but the temple stayed unscathed.

The tale goes back to 1965.

That is not all. Bombs that fell in the surroundings even failed to blast. This temple is situated in Longowal, Rajasthan and the bombs have even been saved for visitors to have a look.

History of the temple:​

Tanot is a small village near Indo-Pak border in Jaisalmer district of the state of Rajasthan. As per the oldest Charan literature, Tannot Mata is an incarnation of the divine goddess Hinglaj Mata, and she is even known for the form of Karni Mata. The temple was established in the early eighth century.

In 1965 while the war against Pakistan was going on, Indian Army was under immense pressure as Pakistan fire power was more menacing than ever before and Indians were not equipped with adequate weaponry to respond to their attacks. Pakistani forces thought of taking advantage of the captured areas where Indian forces were in thick numbers. This even includes Kishangarh near Sadewala post.

The Grenadiers fighting at the border knew that they have to fight the war to sustain and secure their post because Pakistanis had captured a major part of the area. The shelling when they started on November 17, near the temple, no bombs were able to make their way to the temple or harm it.

Surprisingly, none of the bombs met their target and those which fell near the post did not even explode.

The legend says that the deity protected Indian soldiers from all harm.

After India defeated Pakistan in 1965, BSF established a post inside the temple premises and took charge of all the proceedings of the ceremonies at the Tanot Mata Mandir. The temple till date is handled by BSF and is open for all to see.

Not just this, but it is also said that the Goddess appeared in the dream of some of the soldiers and told them to stay close and protect the temple.

Another Miracle in 1971:​

The Indian Army was busy thrashing Pakistan in the Eastern border when Pakistani army decided to engage Indian army on two fronts and opened the western fronts too.

India in fury tried protecting Sadewala again but Pakistanis did not repeat their 1965 faux pas. This time they chose the Longewala post that is near the Tanot temple too. The miracle had to work again and when Pakistan attacked Longewala with a full battalion and tank squadron, the bombs fell near a deity, did not explode and a handful of Indian men (120 men) went down to crush the Pakistani army. India won again!

Both the defeats made the Indian troops nickname the area in Longowal as the ‘Graveyard of Pakistani Tanks; they even erected a victory tower called the Vijay memorial. This memorial is right at the entrance of the temple.

After the incidents, BSF runs the temple. They even have langar services and Jagran where they participate actively. Thousands of devotees from the neighbouring areas come to seek blessings from the miraculous deity.

The temple is known for spirituality and promotes selfless love for the nation.
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