Sharks of the Sea: How Indian Navy MARCOS execute a mission

MARCOS aka the Marine Commandos are the elite Special Forces Unit of Indian Navy. Best known for their undefeated track record and their secretive nature they are known to be one of the best naval units in the world. The mission profile of MARCOS are generally unknown yet they are known to operate in plethora of operations such as Anti-Piracy ops and more. Here is a fiction story which just to explain how MARCOS operate in a typical anti-piracy scenario. We hope you enjoy it.

The first inhabitants of the Sister Islands would have been probably Onge People who visited these generally unknown uninhabited islands for fishing and as a temporary settlement. Though these Islands now lie under the Andaman and Nicobar territory of India, they are home to one of the most ruthless and ferocious pirates of the sea. The pirates comprise mostly are Bangladeshis and they have been known for merciless killing at seas, robbery and ransom holding. The proximity of Sister Islands to Strait of Malacca being a route for heavy commercial trade has been a perfect choice for these Sea Pirates to carry out piracy missions .

Though many claims given by Indian Coast Guard and many measures to keep a check on piracy, with Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard trying to form a multinational Anti-Piracy Patrol, the threat of Piracy has not been diluted. The Sister Islands covered by forests and rocky shores have been ideal for these Pirates as a hideout where they can group and plan their raids.

The Pirates were loading for their new mission presently. Loaded and armed with a plethora of weapons ranging from World War-vintage weapons like BAR to modern day weapons like M4 Carbines and AK-47 which they recovered from some vessel they raided , they were onboard a captured Thai vessel when they spotted an Indian aircraft flying above them. An Indian Coast Guard Dornier Do228 spotted them and immediately relayed a message to Indian Navy Command & Control. Sensing danger, the pirates shifted to reverse gear and immediately started retreating back to one of the Islands without wasting much time.

As soon as the message was received by Indian Navy, a Fast Attack Craft named INS Veerbhadra along with a Sea king Mk.42C with a team of elite Special Forces unit of Indian Navy best known as MARCOS onboard it was deployed to intercept and engage the pirates.

As soon as the Indian Forces approached the pirates vessel, the lead commander of INS Veerbhadra tried to contact the pirates on radio. On getting no response, a warning shot was fired. This was returned by the pirates firing RPGs and Rifles. INS Veerbhadra started firing its 30mm CRN-91 Autocannon and 12.7 mm Machine Guns on the pirates. Seeing that the threat was not effectively neutralized, MARCOS were given a go-ahead to engage the pirates. The SeaKing approached the vessel as the MARCO operatives started rappelling down on the deck of the vessel. MARCOS train a lot for such anti-piracy operations where they have to engage the enemy at close ranges behind closed walls.

The first shot came from a pirate who was equipped with a shot-gun. The shot penetrated the armor of the lead commando who felt back and started bleeding profusely due to the major wound formed at the left of his torso. The Commando at the back of him took charge and fired at the pirate stitching 9 mm rounds from his MP5 killing the person who injured his buddy.

The injured commando was pulled back immediately as the other commandos started gathering up on the deck. They spotted a couple of pirates on the Boat Ladder and immediately fired on them effectively killing them on spot. The helicopter gunner onboard the Seaking looked for targets firing upon them with his Negev Light Machine Gun. The commandos moved onward coming across a fastened door. The lead operative immediately kicked upon the door when one of a bearded pirate approached him with a blade. He acted quick pulling out his Beretta 9mm Sidearm and pumping some rounds into his chest and his companion who was ready with his AK-47 rifle in case the initial attack fails.

Onboard the INS Veerbhadra, a MARCO Sniper pleasantly waited for his target to come over his scope. He kept himself steady on his Galatz Sniper Rifle as he spotted a pirate looking crazed up firing up his AK-47 without caring where he was hitting. He took a deep breath and a calculated aim and fired effectively putting a hole on his head. He was well satisfied with his feat now. He saw few more pirates who were now effectively grouping up against the charging commandos who were kicking doors after doors and chambering rounds into everyone who attacked them. He again took a calculated shot killing another pirate. The other pirates seeing their fallen comrade went awry as they tried to find cover to save themselves from the silent predator.

The other commandos onboard the vessel threw flashbangs , frag grenades and fired effectively. The whole operation ended by evening as the MARCO who were not willing to take any prisoners found some 30 pirates were killed in the action while they faced one casualty on their side who would have been rushed for immediate medical treatment. Some pirates jumped in the water who were taken as prisoners by the crew on INS Veerbhadra who will be now taken to Mumbai for legal proceedings.

The MARCOS boarded their SeaKing helicopters now as it went beyond the horizon with the setting sun. In few hours , the Indian Navy spokesman informed the media and public about this operation where he detailed the operation conducted by the MARCOS in effectively neutralizing a Band of Pirates.

A well-directed official statement said : “In a well directed and planned mission on 20 July , 2017 the Indian Navy intercepted the Ghaiku , a pirate vessel which was used by Bangladeshi Pirates for piracy at various locations in Bay of Bengal. 20 AK47 , 5 M4 and other firearms along with large number of rounds were recovered. One MARCO has sustained injuries. Rest Crew safe”.

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