Soldier Shares One of the Funniest Incidents While Training in OTA

By reading this question series of a memorable and funny incident popped up in my mind which we had undergone in OTA Chennai training camp during Valentine week time of Feb 2017.

Incident: During Valentine week of Feb 2017, we were taken to our 6-day camp name- Ex. Shatrujit in Chennai’s lightly forest-covered areas. In that exercise we have to practically learn things like Laying of defenses in our defended locality, patrolling, ambushes, attacks, counter-attack, planning, survival in jungle terrain and so many things which is necessary for a conventional warfare.

On 12th Feb our camp had commenced and we arrived with our full haversack bags, INSAS, DP rifles, RL, LMG and other required items for conducting the exercise. The First thing we had to do in that camp location is to start defense layout i.e. digging trenches in our given defended locality. In that exercise first, two nights were of defense layout and full of so much tiresome work.

For almost whole nights we have to dig trenches up to the height of shoulder depth where we had to stand and maintain our defending position as a part of the exercise. Many a time out of tiredness, we used to give up digging and started sleeping over bare land. This whole set of our defense is checked by our DS’s(directing Staff generally an officer Major Capt) as a part of the exercise.

Daytime is of normal routine classes, preparation of exercise, following night plan and next day plan and thodi masti(little entertainment).

Everything was going fine but on the 2nd night of camp i.e. on 13th Feb most of wanted to sleep on time and few wanted to smoke before sleeping in hiding places without maintaining defense so most of we became careless and slept before time. We were unaware of the fact that our(DS’s – officers) were probably knowing about us because of their past experiences, may exploit our negligence and could ambush us.

They did same, they came in well camouflaged and concealed way(wearing same combat uniform which we were wearing) in that night and ambushed us. We were surprised and couldn’t figure out them during the night. many of us were caught in sleeping.

Funny things started to happen from this time. During that ambush, one of our DS hit my friend with leg from behind who was sleeping and said ,“uth be” (wake up).

My friend in sleep replied, “Be**chod, Bho**iwale sone de”(he abused senior officer) without knowing and continue sleeping. You can imagine that what would have happened with him the very next moment. Officer had his happiness. Another officer was also ambushing at another nearby place where smoke was going on.

Within few minute many of us were caught sleeping, smoking and not maintaining our defended post. As we were negligent towards our enemy and we have to pay for that with our sweat and blood. Our DS’s began to screw us, torture us and fu*k us hard to have our happiness.

We ambushed and captured guys were stripped(only wearing underwear) in the middle of the night and were screwed in the form continues star jumps, front rolling, back rolling, cream rolling, crawling over the rough and hard jungle land area without any mercy by our enemy DS’s.

Within few minutes our life had become hell from sleeping heaven with Ragda at the highest level. after 1–2 hours of exhaustion DS’s relived us and left us with warning in half dead stage. We were like literately dead but alive. This did not end this was just beginning.

Similar to this was our condition in that kaali raat(Dark night) with lesser clothes on body-

Next morning around 4.30–5.00 am we have to again maintain “stand to” at our defended post i.e. to those trenches with weapons in hand in positions. With that night of ragda, I and my few friends were not in a position to wake up in morning and maintain “stand to”. So I remained sleeping. One of my friend tried to wake me 2–3 times me in the early morning.

One of his and *mine last conversation in that dark early morning-*

*My Friend – “bhai ab toh uth jaa , phir chu*enge (now wake up bro, we will be fuc*ed again ).*

*ME- “sone de bhai, nahi aayega ab wo itta jaldi( let me sleep he will not come so early bro).*

*My friend – “behanch** uth jaa phir so jaana ‘stand to’ k baad”-meri gaan* phle tutegi phir teri agAr aa gya toh tera baap” (wake up fuc*er, if DS would come, I will be screwed first then you )- as my friend was assigned our section commander. So he was senior who was more responsible .*

*Me- “ I out of frustration thik h bhai me uthta hu, tu dusro ko bhi utha “

*My Friend – “ OK bro I am going you come soon”*

*Me -” murmered- kya chu**ayapa h behan** abhi toh soya tha” (what is this shit, just now I had gone to sleep)*

He went from there to awake other sleeping chaps.

In between, finally I got up and instead of maintaining ‘stand to’ I found a hiding place for sleeping again so that my friend could not find me again and harass my sleep. This was my another act to invite final nail in my awaiting coffin. After so many warnings my assumption was that DS won’t come so early in the morning to check ‘stand to’. I remained sleeping. But again Yamraj i.e. our beloved DS had come assaulted on sleeping guys like me. This was second time within 6 hours we were assaulted and taken to the prisoner of Ex. Shatrujit where Shatru(Enemy) was winning continuously.

Now, what happened with those guys like me who got caught again. Their whole camp exercise was made hell for next three days. We were stripped and given by default Ragda whenever we had made contact with our DS our enemy. We were made to shout “Happy valentines day” in Murga and camel carry position on 14th Feb in very poor and tormented condition to our fellow course mates.

Overall that camp during Valentine week has become so memorable that we will not forget that for forever. Not only for Radga part aspect, from other learning aspects also that camp was so good which taught us lots of things related to warfare and tactics. Our DS(officers) were also superb who taught us things so brilliantly which will definitely come in our use somewhere in future.

This was shared by Dinesh Thakur on Quora.

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