Someone asked Why is the Indian Army so weak, This Man Gave the best Answer

There are many people perhaps in neighbouring nations who don’t know how brave is the Indian army and how much respect they deserve. Someone asked, must be perhaps a separatist of Kashmir, that why Indian army so weak and he was met with a mind-blowing answer. This answer was written by Ashutosh Sharma on Quora. Let’s read the hard-hitting answer.

What a brilliant Question! But, I will take it and will try to answer explaining why Indian Army is so weak.
Though I will not dig deeper into statistical details:

Heard about Battle of Saragarhi? Okay, if you have then you know, how weak Indian Army is but if you have not, it was one of the greatest last-stands of any professional army.

21 weak Sikhs of 36th Sikhs(now known as 4th Battalion of Sikh Regiment) decided to give a fight-till-death to barbarian Pashtuns. 21 vs 10000+ and when the fight ends those 21 really weak soldiers just killed 450 belligerent warriors! Such a shame. Timid Indian Army, Indeed.

British Indian Army was so weak that it fought throughout world war 2 and won Allied powers the glory.

An island( Britain) as small as Rajasthan(yes, true it is) was certainly not capable enough to sustain the war unless weak Indian Army(British Indian Army back then) would have joined them.

Let’s talk of something recent? Okay, what about Battle at the peaks of Rezang Laduring Sino-Indo war?

Again, 123 timid chaps of 13th Kumaon battalion chose to fight till death. It was November 18,1962 and last night there was heavy snowfall in the area, which was located at about 17000 feet. Perfect weather for the weak Armymen to fight, isn’t it?

At the end of battle, the count of the fallen bravehearts was 120 Indian soldiers vs 1300 Dragons. Weak effort indeed to protect your Motherland. 1971: Remember remember remember, the month of December. There does not exist a reason why ever a Pakistani should ever forgot this.

Again, weak Indian Army finished the war in just 13 days despite of all external pressures. Not only this, due to such a weak performance, the boundaries of our Neighbors were redrawn and the opponent accepted unconditional surrender along with 90000 soldiers (POWs later release by India).

May be 40–50 % of you know this gentleman. Sympathies for those who don’t.

Okay, so for those who don’t know him: He is the kind of son, who makes mother’s heart brim with inexplicable satisfaction and happiness. A Kargil war Hero, certainly not as strong as Salman Khan or John Abraham.
He is Vikram Batra, to be more precise Captain Vikram Batra, our own Shershah.
The man had the option to save his life but who cares? Instead, he chose to sacrifice it for the motherland.

Due to his supreme valour, India was able to capture point 5140 and 4875, the latter costing him his life. After capturing point 5140, he volunteered for the 4875 capture, situated at a height of 17000 feet height and 80 degree steep slope, which Captain Batra climbed along with fellow gentlemen.
He came back to us, draped in Tricolor but hoisting it on the peak and expelling the rats away. So weak, is not he ?

Indian Army is nothing but the collective effort of its Soldiers and I gave all the examples of how weak are they. So, yeah, you must have got the answer!
Long live India and its Army.

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