That’s how Indian Army killed Burhan Wani and his Militant Group

That’s how Indian Army killed Burhan Wani and his Militant Group

A picture took the social media by storm the picture of the poster boy of Kashmir militancy with his 10 militant friends challenged the Indian Army.

The picture was enough to heat up the already worse situation of the valley, the picture was giving motivation and sense of heroism in joining militancy. Indian Army decided to eliminate all 11 militants presented in the picture and after 3 years of cat and mouse game they all either resting in their graves or in army’s custody.

1. Bruhan Wani (23)​

Indian Army started its innings by taking out the captain itself, Burhan wani was killed on 8th July 2016 by RR and J&K Police in Anantang. Burhan wani came from a descent family background, his father is principal in a school in Shariffabad, Tral.

After the death of 23 year old, the unrest of kashmir reached to all time high resulting in deaths of 98 people. The young militant had bounty of 10 lakh rupees on his head.

2. Shabzar Bhatt (31)​

Army had gathered enough information about the gang and were in constant pursuit of the them, giving a strategic blow to the militants army killed the newly appointment commander after Burhan Wani and second in command of Burhan name Shabzar Bhatt on 26th May 2017.

Shabzar was killed in Saima village of Tral district where ParaSF, J&K SOG, RR and J&K police launched a lightning operation to eliminate the militant who also had bounty of 10 lakh rupees on his head. The chied of Hizbul Mujjahideen Sayed Salauddin adore him, but the army took out his beloved.

3. Waseem Malla (27)​

He was from Pholipore village of Shopian district, student of B.A second year and from a good family background. Waseem Malla can be consider as the most dangerous one in the gang and had designation of A++ category.

He had history of recruiting boys from internet for militancy, he was once arrested in the case of an IED blast in 2010. He joined HM after that incident, Waseem had snatched weapons and conspired to kill 3 policemen in Shopian. He was eliminated on April 7th 2016.

4. Nasir Ahmad Pandit (29)​

Nasir Ahmad Pandit served as police constable in J&K police. He was shot dead with Waseem Malla by J&K, SOG, 14th CRPF battalion and Army’ 62nd RR battalion.

5. Ishfaq Hamid (23)​

Just after 1 month another militant from the photograph shot dead by 55th RR and 130th battalion of CRPF in Panjgam area of South Kashmir. This time it was Ishfaq Hamid, his father Abdul Dar told that he was there to meet his family and told him to pray for his martyrdom which was just around the corner.

6. Afaqulla Bhatt (25)​

Killed just after an year of joining Hizbul Mujahideen, Afaqulla Bhatt was the social media manager of the gang. His father use to scold him for his activity and tried to make him aware about it’s consequences but ge didn’t mind.

He was the keyman to recruit boys from online platforms and manage all activities of internet. Afaqulla bhatt was 25 year old when he was killed on 27 October 2015 in Pulwama.

7. Aadil Ahmad Khande (20)​

He was just 20 year old when killed by 62nd RR and J&K police. He had history of threatening people of his village. In 2012 he join HM and he had A category for his acts of terrorism, he worked as fund raiser for the HM.

8 & 9. Wasim Ahmad Shah (24) and Anees​

Both were killed suspiciously and no information is available about them, though police said Wasim was killed in an encounter.

10. Saddam Paider (23)​

The last men to be killed was Saddam Paider, he was also shot down on 6 May 2018 in Badgam village of Shopian district. J&K SOG and RR executed the operation, he was the last men of Burhan gang to be eliminated.

11. Tarik Pandit (25)​

He is the only one who preferred to surrendered infront of security forces on 28 May 2016. His sudden surrender leave Bruhan Wani’s group in shock. He helped Indian Armed Forces to nab many militants.
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