What Kind of Candidates are Rejected in SSB?

Common Profile of Rejected Candidates

I have written this blog to help a large number of aspirants to understand the common weaknesses and reasons for rejection by SSB and what they should do to increase their chances of selection.

Common Weaknesses-

The general profile of rejected candidates has the following weaknesses:

  • Weak written & oral English expression.
  • Lack of clarity in understanding of the core subjects studied.
  • Physically weak.Mindset Prior to and on Reporting at SSB-
The mindset is characterized by the problems of lack of self-belief and confidence. The manifestation of this outlook is in efforts made to find out as to “exactly what SSB wants?” As a consequence a large amount of time is wasted in trying to gather such information from each-other, experienced friends and various websites. Great emphasis is laid by such candidates on practicing psychology tests, particularly stories. They are trying to seek “ ideal answers to routine questions” being asked in the interview and “desperate to make a good impression”. The candidates are also very vulnerable to being influenced by illogical ideas.

Mindset During SSB-

PPDT: They make stories on social issues which often may not relate to the picture shown. In discussion they out-shout each other because of their insecurity.

Psychology test: The candidates try their utmost to bring out all the OLQs in the stories, resulting in display of confused thoughts(some coaching academy said that all the OLQs must be displayed. I only wonder as to how this so called expert himself got selected despite possessing such illogical ideas!) They write long responses in SRT and manage to complete less than 40 situations(Some fool had said that if you do lesser number it is good!).

GTO: They are trying to act in the manner that will please the GTO and not what is rationally correct. In GPE they will become “Rambos” and apprehend dacoits/terrorists with bare hands or by using shot-guns borrowed from someone else. In “Snake-Race” & “Individual obstacles” their performance would be clumsy because of being physically unfit.
Interview: The focus of such a candidate would be on trying to give replies which will please the IO. When asked about the weaknesses in teachers/friends/parents they will say that everything is perfect considering it a sign of display of loyalty.

Introspection Post SSB-

After rejection such candidates conclude that they made ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z’ blunders in the series of SSB tests & if they had not done these then they would have been selected & they resolve not to repeat them. Only that in next SSB they perceive that they committed ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ blunders!

The Reality-

In 99% of the cases the reason for rejection is that the individual is deficient in some facets of personality and not because of some blunders committed.

Solution for Success-

The solution for success lies in not trying to split hair in finding as to what went wrong but accepting that you were not good enough. You should make efforts for overall improvement & will be successful. Needless to add that my guidance may also help in systematic preparation!

This answer was written by Col Mani Mohan Nehru on Quora.

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