What Kind of Pranks Officers Play on Army Wives?

Army Units are like a big family. As younsters we used to play a lot of pranks with the ladies.

One incident I remember is, when I was a bachelor. We were posted in Pattan(Valley) and all families used to stay in small bashas, attached to the Mess. One of the officers Capt JN had just got married and arrived with his newly wed wife. She was from civil background. We asked JN to stay back in the office, while we all went for lunch to the Mess. All ladies were also there.

We casually started asking, in whispers, as to where JN was. Someone said that perhaps he has gone to Srinagar to meet his girlfriend, Gazala, while another asked as to why he did not take Mrs JN along and yet another whispered that he must now settle down with his wife and forget about Gazala. The tone and talks were in whispers but Mrs JN could hear.

We were all laughing and having fun when suddenly Mrs JN burst out crying. We did not expect the prank to make the Lady so emotional. The other Ladies tried to console her by saying that they are all trying to tease you and JN’s affair is nothing but a joke. Mrs JN’s answer left us dumb when she said, “why should they tell lies,they are all officers”. We all felt terribly sorry and profusely apologise to Mrs JN and called JN from the office to join us for lunch.

Another day, we told JN that we the Capts(3 of us) were coming to call on him that evening. As is customary, he offered us drinks, while we all agreed but loudly refused, in front of Mrs JN. When JN got us the drinks,Mrs JN was angry, as to why he was offering us drinks when we were all refusing. She even said, “Liquor is not a good thing and you are forcing them even when they are refusing. You are trying to spoil them”. Poor Lady did not know how eager we were to get started with our drinks.

Once we presented a Packet of Kellogg’s Cornflakes (without any wrapping) to our General’s wife, on her birthday, saying that because she is very fond of it so we decided to give this as a present. Obviously, she felt a bit embarrassed, in front of all the other officers and ladies. She just thanked us and asked her servant to keep it in the Pantry of the Kitchen. After sometimes we asked her servant to get it back and requested the Lady to open it. Inside the packet of Cornflakes was a nice and appropriate gift, which she loved. We all had a hearty laugh.

Such pranks are very common in the Units, but it is ensured that it should not ultimately offend the ladies.

This answer was written by Tej Dalal, Army Veteran on Quora.

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