Why Rashtriya Rifles Scares The Shit Out Of The Terrorists

Why Rashtriya Rifles Scares The Shit Out Of The Terrorists

The insurgency reached on a peak in Kashmir in the 90s. When India took action, it was already too late. In the beginning, when there was the input of militant activities, Indian forces cordoned the area and eliminate the terrorist. Militants figured it out and started using this to their own advantage, they use to run and hide while Indian forces were around. When Indian forces wind up their activities and go back to their bases outside the area of operation, the militants get back to their position.

The cat and mice game won’t last long as the Indian military leader understood the situation. The then Indian Army’s chief, General B C Joshi moulded the Rashtriya Rifles, which was raised by General Sunith Francis Rodrigues into a dedicated counter-insurgency force. Rashtriya Rifles complemented the weak local security forces in the area.

In 1994, RR had 5000 troops in it’s fold, and it was recognized when it was reported that the force was operating against terrorists and foreign mercenaries in Doda District in south-central Jammu and Kashmir. The Delta Team of Rashtriya Rifles was operating in the area.

Rashtriya Rifles was performing very well but there were reports of indiscipline from the transit camps. Indian Army decided to raise a force size of several battalions, two RR battalions were made an integral part of the infantry regiments and other arms. The experiment produced excellent results while the units were deployed in the most difficult areas.

Currently, approximately 63 battalions of Rashtriya Rifles are operating around the different sector of Kashmir.

The deadlines of the Rashtriya Rifles is integrated into their structure, they are simply born to be dangerous. There are some characteristics of RR troops which makes them very serious about the security of the nation and this will ultimately make them dangerous.

The force is self-reliant, holistic and extremely well structured for counter-terrorist operations. Rashtriya Rifles is one of the largest counter terrorism and counter insurgency forces of the world, though they are very underrated and barely recognized by the world forces community.

RR is a very organized force, they have a wide spread communication and information spreading systems, these capabilities help them to be more swift and coordinated. Rashtriya Riffles covers almost every area of Kashmir which is or was affected by terrorist activities.

Rashtriya Rifles played a crucial role in stabilization of the condition of Kashmir, due to its connections with Ministry of Defence Rashtriya Rifles manage to have its own funds to conduct operations in Kashmir, RR don’t even hesitate to bribe the locals to take out information about militants.

Rashtriya Rifles have access to various weapons from small arms to rocket launchers, from radio sets to drones. RR has emerged one advance force deployed to counter terrorism and insurgency and they have done their job effectively.

One of the biggest achievements and the perimeter of their excellency is that they have worked very hard to restore the peace in valley.

Rashtriya Rifles has killed around 21,000+ terrorists in the past few years, these numbers cannot be matched by any force of the world. It’s hard to even imagine how are the people surviving in Kashmir, amid so many terrorists. But Rashtriya Rifles is definitely a great job of saving the citizens of Kashmir.
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