11 Important Events When Indian Special Forces Operated Out of India

Indian Special Forces unit has been known to be one of the best elite units across the world and like other units across the world, they are deployed overseas for various mission profiles and jobs to keep forward Indian interests. Here are the nations where Indian Special Forces have been deployed in the past and are still deployed:

1) Sri Lanka​

Para SF were deployed in Sri Lanka as part of Indian Peacekeeping Force there. 1 Para, 9 Para, and 10 Para were actively deployed in Sri Lanka to support Indian Army Operations there and perform clandestine jobs there. 10 Para Cdo. took part in the infamous Jaffna Operation there. Airborne units like 5 Para were also deployed in Sri Lanka along with the elite RAW’s Special Group who were required to conduct clandestine operations there.

Another unit which was deployed in Sri Lanka were the Navy-Marine Commandos aka MARCOS (known as IMSF then) where they were tasked to conduct amphibious operations against LTTE and destroy their assets like ammo dumps, boats, harbors and also helped in flushing out LTTE militants from Isles and Lagoons where Army had virtually no control.

2) Afghanistan​

Special Group were first deployed in Afghanistan in an advisory role to Northern Alliance in the 1990s. After that many Special Forces unit has been deployed alongside ITBP units to perform certain roles whose extent can be put off on the public domain.

3) Bangladesh​

Special Frontier Force and 2 Para SF (an Airborne unit then) were deployed in Bangladesh to perform clandestine jobs and perform heliborne insertion and cut off the enemy troopers. Both the units saw considerable success in these operations where SFF were successful Pakistani SSG elements while 2 Para cut off Pakistani 93rd Brigade on their way to Dhaka.

4) Pakistan​

Indian Special Forces have continued for long in Pakistan ever since 1965 when the first Commando unit named “Meghdoot Force” conducted 3 behind the line operations. Further on, the newly raised 9 Para and 10 Para conducted operations in Mandhol and Chachro respectively. Even in recent times, Indian Special Forces conduct behind the line operations to meet certain ends and perform counter-terrorism roles.

5) Maldives​

Indian Special Forces when there was a coup d’etat in the Maldives. Airborne units like 6 Para and 17 Para Field Regiment flung into action there who were supported later by Navy MARCOS while intercepting a fleeing ship captured by mercenaries. Even 10 Para were deployed there though they did not see any action there.

6) Somalia​

MARCOS were deployed for foreign operations during Operation Muffet in Somalia where they were a part of UNOSOM 2 in 1993 and saw MARCOS performing alongside US Army Rangers and US Navy SEAL Operatives. MARCO Ajay Thapa was conferred Shaurya Chakra for being deployed twice during these operations.

7) Sierra Leone​

2 Para SF and 9 Para SF were deployed in Sierra Leone along the famous SAS for Operation Khukri which was a part of United Nations Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) and aimed to break a siege around 5/8th Gorkha Rifle laid by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels. Para SF saw action here and the operation was successfully completed.

8) Myanmar​

Indian Special Forces have been engaged in a long conflict with North East Militant outfits who have found refuge on Burmese land. To flush out these militants who have attacked Armed Forces constantly, Special Forces mainly Para SF carry out clandestine cross-border ops to flush them out.

India did a surgical strike in Myanmar in 2015 which was part of this long going hot pursuit operation against militant outfits in North East India who dared to attack an Indian convoy. These operations still continue with many operations happening unknown to most of the general public.

9) China​

SFF has been known to operate on Chinese mainland and Tibetan region on directions of CIA and RAW. Earlier they were deployed for Operation Gemini which aimed at intercepting Chinese communication lines. SFF has also conducted low level tactical cross-border raids in the Chinese mainland in the past and still continues to do so.

10) United Nations Peacekeeping Missions​

Indian Special Forces units are also deployed for multiple UN Peacekeeping Missions. 2 Para SF has bee deployed at Sudan for Peacekeeping roles. IAF Garud Commando Forces are deployed for MONUSCO Operations in Congo. Airborne Units have been deployed in Congo in the past.

11) Yemen​

MARCOS were deployed in Yemen as part of Operation Raahat which was a Humanitarian relief operation to save estranged civilians during 2015 military intervention by Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen.

12) Anti-Piracy Operations​

MARCOS are deployed in Anti-Piracy Missions in the Arabian Sea and IOR region to perform anti-piracy jobs against pirates and performing recce, VBSS and Direct Action operations.

Indian Special Forces unit are also sent to other nations in non-combat role for Joint Exercises (USA, Russia, Indonesia, Israel, UK, Germany), Special Forces competition (Jordan and Airborne Africa), advisory role (Middle East) and during official visits like port calls and other occasions to keep forward the message of brotherhood and friendship among friendly nations.

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