8 Important Body Language Hacks for SSB Interview

Your body language reveals a lot about how you actually are even before we speak a word. The official who is analyzing you will keep a close watch on your body language and gestures. Be it Defence, criminal investigations, or M.B.A, body language is a subject extensively studied. When you go for your 5 day SSB interview, you will be analyzed by your assessor, the GTO and interviewer for your various moves and it is of utmost importance that you put a right impact on everyone with carefully studying body language. In SSB, body language and communication skills play a major role. These Body Language hacks will help you to go a long way.

We bring you some essential body language tips and hacks for ssb exams.

1) Correct Body Posture which reveals confidence. –

A good posture goes a long way in making a perception about someone’s lifestyle and confidence. We must try to make our body as straight as possible as it is the very important. Look straight in the eyes while talking, that shows that you have a good stamina and a brave person. If your body posture is not correct and you are not making an eye contact, the other person will think that you are not wiling to talk or you are showing lack of interest.

We must maintain the body posture like a soldier. Don’t make a stiff body posture which can again mislead the people about you, have a relaxed yet straight posture when you are talking to someone.

2) Have a smiling face- When you are at SSB, be cheerful and enthusiastic. If you try to fake a smile, the assessor will know because of your eye movements. So, tell only the truth and keep smiling as the smile will comfort everyone with you. Also, a smile is an indication that you remain cool in tough situations. You might as well get some annoying questions which can be answered with a smile.

3) Hand Movements/Gestures during SSB- A very vital technique can be hand gestures while communicating your point. Movements of hand can keep you advantage but it must not be excessive movements and kept in check. However, don’t close your hands and legs while sitting. If you cross your hands, it will be taken as you are not accepting your opponent’s views. Sit straight and comfortably.

4) Eye Contact- Eye contact can reveal what’s going in your mind and it’s easier for the interviewer/ assessor to find out even if you are lying, imagining or saying truth. Maintain the eye contact in personal interview, group discussions, and other tasks.

Eye contact reveals that if you are listening to someone or not, it is a very important leadership quality and will give you an edge of other candidates. Your SSB interview will heavily rely on your confidence and your eye contact.

5) Handshake- Your handshake should be firm and only do a handshake when it is offered to you. Do not initiate the handshake if it is not offered to you. While shaking hand, give a gentle smile to the interviewer. Don’t withdraw while doing handshake because it will mean you are in haste and won’t make a good impression.

6) Waiting for your turn- In most of the times, we are asked to wait for your turn for the interview. During that process, don’t make it seem that you are bored or sleepy because you are being watched all the time.

Do not show you are disinterested by trying to keep your arms on your cheeks or palm. Sit straight and try to spend your time reading novel and if time is right, you can have a conversation with near ones on any topic, that actually shows that you are friendly to the environment.

7) Walking inside the room for the interview- While walking inside the interview room, walk straight and look in the front not on the floor. If you focus on the ground it can mean that you are nervous and fully confident of what is going to happen in interview. Also, you have to be careful that you don’t look arrogant because it will give a wrong impression. Just walk in a simple yet impressive manner while you enter the room for your SSB interview. Do not put your hands in the pocket and let it be free.

8) Body gestures while talking to the officials- There are some things that you must not do while talking to officials as you can irritate them. Let me put them out-

i) While comfortably sitting on the chair, never scratch your nose, face or mouth because that happens when we lie and it is a common gesture to catch lies.

ii) Look directly in the eyes of the official not on their body.

iii) Do not look at exit door while during the interview as it may mean you want to quit the conversation and move out.

iv) Do not shake legs or hands during any conversation.

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