9 Important Things to Know for Women Who Want to Join Indian Army

Feminism, the word in trend, is going around for some solid reasons. Howsoever the arguments are made, there is a difference between how men and women work, especially in the Military.

Now there is no doubt in the facts and figures which favour the male in the field but that does not in any way imply that women are short of any capability. However, there are certain things that can help them to make their way in the long run.

Some insights from the serving/retired women soldiers and the experiences of lady cadets at training academies:

1. Physical Strength​

The military does not really care about your gender, the soldier must always be physically fit enough to give a fight. The female cadets may find it difficult to cope with the extreme pressure and rough training.

2. Girl problems are girl’s problem​

Having your period is something you can manage pretty much most of the time. However, this condition in the middle of your training is still yours to deal with since your instructor, training, and practice has nothing to do with it.

3. The minority will always be felt​

There will always be a higher number of males who would become conscious and stop behaving their usual self whenever a lady walks to avoid inappropriate behaviour and it’s nothing personal.

4. Expect Complexity of emotions​

One thing that definitely is not to be expected from military life is a normal youth. Whatever you dream of as a girl, be it relationships, cannot be taken care of in a military environment and neither should be anything that shifts your priority.

5. Uninhabitable living conditions​

Armed forces make for a tough life but tougher soldiers. The training and missions may any time lead you to an inhospitable environment that you need to learn to live in regardless of your gender.

6. Hairstyle​

The female cadets need to have manageable hairs and even if they want to keep them long, it should be tightly tied in a bun. Considering their physical activeness, trimming the hair usually is the best option.

7. More than just Physical training​

Not to forget that women can take up the immense pain and still survive, but military training pushes you off limits. Thanks to some genes, men have an upper hand in the muscle building that helps in rough training.

8. No time for Grooming​

Early mornings and tiring nights become part of your routine. A training academy is no place to try out new hairdos and nail art. Whatever time you have is all for sheer productivity and in the little time left, you would love to crash on the bed.

9. No Combat Roles Yet​

The Army does not include women in the combat field. However, the plans are in action to let the females serve for combat roles In the Army and the Navy just like Air Force.

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