15 Breathtaking Things MARCOS do in Training that Deserve Our Respect

MARCOS or Marine commandos, the elite special force of the Indian Navy are without any doubts the toughest dudes who are well-known for their savage enigma and Uber Prowess of competence in the world.

It takes so much more than what they actually possess to become better than the best. Being chosen from The Indian Navy in their 20’s, their stringent selection process and training is tougher than Army paratroopers or any western forces. A MARCOS cadet once topped the course of US Navy SEALS training which has an attrition rate of 90%.

1. A solid 20-Kilometer long runs every Morning to make it a good morning in real sense.​


2. A 20-Kilometer night treks with 60-kilo weight on alternate days of Morning Runs.​

3. MARCOS qualifies for HAHO/HALO jump.​

HALO (High Altitude Low Opening): A jump from 11 kilometers above the earth, but opening of the parachute is close to the ground.
HAHO (High Altitude High opening) – A Jump from 8 kilometers, but opening of the parachute is 10-15 seconds after the jump with the freezing temperature of -40 degree Celsius.

4. The commandos are taught to train with the live ammunition taking extreme care of the weapons that they possess.​

5. A full week like having a hard core gym workout for 20 hours.​

A week is classified for continuous training and physical exertion for over 20 hours a day.

6. A weekly walk of 120-Km with 60-kg weight on back​

Not only they have to cover 120 Km walk but also have to wrap it up in a timely manner. If you can’t complete it within a specified duration then you can continue with the walk going out.

7. Getting less than four hours of sleep in a week and half an hour of sleep in a day inclusive of daily rigorous exercises is what a normal routine looks like for them.​

8. Once you think this is the end is where they start again with the mud run.​

They have to run through thigh-high thick mud and as if it wasn’t difficult alone they are added a backpack of 25 kilo weight.

9. The mud run ends…but the day is not over.​

Mud run is then followed by a 2.5- km obstacle course that even the fittest soldiers sometimes don’t make through.

10. They shoot targets beside a friend when they are exhausted to even lift an arm.​

After getting through the course, when getting up by themselves seems like a task, they are supposed to shoot a target with a soldier friend standing next to the target. Miss the target > Fail, oh and don’t forget the friend.

11. The Drop Out rate is more than CA and engineering combined.​

More than 90% of the personnel opts out of the training and intense course before they could even become a MARCOS.

12. After all this, there is also one level up in the training.​

The remaining commandos who make through the initial training are then given specialized and advanced training for 2 years and more.

13. Sharp shooting with different techniques.​

They are expected to have a reaction time of 0.27 seconds with critical alertness.

14. they are taught to fire guns in difficult positions including while looking in mirror.​

15. They are made to be proficient in foreign languages like Arabic and Mandarin for foreign intelligence.​

A marine commando is trained to fight in every condition anywhere on the planet be it high altitude warfare, jungle warfare or mountain warfare.

With secret identities and non-compulsory uniform or haircut unlike other forces, the MARCOS have been silently protecting the country from the Kargil war to Mumbai attacks. They are Heroes Indeed.
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