How is the Social Life of Officers in the Indian Army?

Life in the Military is different from civilian life, but some things remain the same. Serving members get some time off to be a parent, relax with friends, pursue personal interests and discover new ones, too. But it’s nothing when compared to their counterparts in civil world.

Your social life becomes the Army.

In all likelihood, you’ll be posted somewhere (hundreds of) miles from home, so your friends become the people you live in the mess with. This isn’t all that bad. If you don’t get on with them, chances are you’ve made the wrong choice of Regiment/Corps (see other threads about selecting your Regiment/Corps).

Dinner nights, mess outings, longing for the next long weekend so you can get home to see your family without having to turn around again straight away to return to barracks. In short, the social life you know now may not be able to stay! You won’t lose your friends, just see them infrequently and have loads to catch up on when you do see them (if they’re at all interested in dull Army chat…).

By joining the Army, one becomes a member of an exclusive and elite brotherhood, which is the envy of one and all.

A cantonment is a separate township in itself away from hustle of city even though being in middle of a city.

An officer’s interpersonal relationships with people within their immediate surroundings are generally with others fellow officers and families in station.

Most part of an officers’ life is spent in cantonments.

Serving members work hard but get plenty of time to socialize. Many military cantonment are loaded with amenities like gyms, movie theaters, parks and more.

But they love to venture out as well if options are given in a city like Mumbai or Delhi.

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