“My life is doomed if I don’t get into Para Special Forces”- Major Udai Singh SM, Shaurya Chakra (Posthumous)

For us, they gave their all and we shall remember them forever till we live. There are many heroes who gave their everything for us. Today we remember a hero on his birthday, who sacrificed his life protecting his nation. We salute Major Udai Singh for his raw courage and salute the parents of this brave hero. Let’s know about this hero…

Major Udai Singh SC, SM was born at 2.15 pm on Monday October 7, 1974 in Allahabad.He had a happy, contented childhood at. St. Patricks at Deolali was his first school, after which he studied at St Georges, Agra & APS Delhi. His formative & most memorable years were spent at the Army Public School, Dagshai from where he passed out in 1992.

Not one for academics he excelled in games & sports & other extra curricular activities. Udai, graduated from Deshbandhu College, Delhi with an honors degree in Political Science and was soon absorbed as a management trainee with the Taj Mansingh, Delhi.

What he aspired to was career in the Special Forces of the Indian Army “I do not wish to spend my life waiting on hotel guests” he’d say. “I want to be that 5 star guest”. His ambition was partly fulfilled on passing out from the IMA in June’97. He was commissioned into the first battalion of the Parachute Regiment.

“My life in the army”, he confessed to a friend, ”is doomed if I do not clear the probation”.
Clear it he did and was with the paltan for five wonderful years before volunteering for the Special Group– the mavericks. He soon became one of them. His brief career was spent almost entirely in the mountains of Kashmir. He did the free fall & the para jumps along with a course in deep sea diving. He loved what he did never regretting for an instant his choice of career. His life in the army was a source of great pride & enthusiasm. It was all that he had ever wished it to be.


SENA MEDAL (Gallantry) IC-57219 Capt. Udai Singh PARA/22 SPECIAL FORCES

1 JULY 2002, Captain Udai Singh was tasked to launch his troops immediately by night on 1 July 2002 in Danti Forest, Jammu and Kashmir. At 1030hrs, the leading squad observed terrorist movement and immediately killed one terrorist. The remaining terrorist brought down a heavy volume of fire on the troops. Acting dynamically with utmost tenacity taking advantage of thick forest and restricted visibility Capt. Udai Singh then moved along with his squad and closed on the terrorist under heavy volume of hostile fire.

Captain Udai Singh ruthlessly pursued single handedly with extreme courage and excellent marksmanship and tactical acumen under fire killing two more terrorists in close quarter combat. For displayed conspicuous bravery, exemplary leadership and raw courage, Captain Udai Singh was awarded Sena Medal (Gallantry).


SHAURYA CHAKRA IC-57219 Capt. Udai Singh, SM PARA/22 SPECIAL FORCES(Posthumous)

Major Udai Singh has developed a comprehensive schedule to demolish the intelligence and logistics network being provided to the terrorist by the Over Ground Workers in the general area in Rajouri District of Jammu and Kashmir. The officer commenced operations by launching a search and destroy operation in the general area at 0300 hours on 29th November 2003. The team physically reconnoitered the thickly forested area.

At 1745 hours, in fading light, when the officer was leading his team to lay an ambush, the party suddenly came face to face with a group of terrorist who were approaching from higher ground at a close range of 10 meters.

During the deadly fire fight that ensued, the officer sustained gun shot wound in the neck, while his buddy sustained multiple gun shot wounds. Displaying extraordinary courage, with utter disregard to personal safety, the officer continued to close in with the terrorists, killing one terrorist and wounding another. Major Udai Singh then helped extricating his fatally injured buddy before succumbing to his injuries.

Major Udai Singh displayed indomitable courage and exemplary leadership in fighting the terrorist and making the supreme sacrifice.

We salute Major Udai Singh, for more, go here.

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