What is the full-day Timetable of a first-term in the National Defence Academy?

0430-0530 – Wake up, shit, shave and brush. Get ready for the morning classes(Drill/PT).

0530 – Get your turnout inspected by your 3rd term over-study.

0545-0600 – Get the turnout further inspected by a 4th term corporal, a 5th term sergeant and finally your 6th Term Divisional Cadet Captain. Get shouted at a lot in this time, though most of it will be aimed at your poor 3rd term over-study.

0600–0630 – Muster and move out for morning classes/PT/drill.

0630–0800 – PT/Drill. Definitely not a very auspicious way to start your day.

0830 – Breakfast (after bathing and getting ready for Academic classes). The best part of the day, unless you get late.

0900-1300 – Academic Classes. 6 periods, you’ve to run to a different lecture hall after each period. Mostly the time to catch up on your sleep.

1330 – Lunch.

1345-1500- Drill, unofficial at the Squadron Parade Ground. This is way worse than the morning official one and will go on till you pass your basic drill proficiency test. Ask any ex-NDA about GRDO and you’ll see him turn into a sniveling bundle of nerves. If you’ve cleared your Drill Test, you’ll be doing PT in this time.

1500-1800- Games (football/basketball/hockey/volleyball depending on what competition is happening at the moment). Else cross-country practice. Or PT or swimming if you’re weak in either. Sometimes all of the above.

1830–2000- Study period in Muftis/Walking outs after having had a bath, cleaned up your room and the corridor outside. Time to catch up on some more sleep, though your doors have to be open and if you get caught you might spend the reminder of the time doing push ups or front rolls.

2000–2030- Orders Fall in. Not a very enjoyable 30 mins. The Cadet Squadron Major(CSM) (basically the cadet who runs the squadron) will snarl and shout and rant and rave at all juniors and dole out random punishments.

2030–2050 – Dinner. The fastest and most unpleasant meal of the day, because everyone eats together. The time when your third term overstudy teaches you to use a fork and spoon and other assorted table manners.

2100–2200 – PT. Unofficial. The damn seniors never tire. Sit ups are especially unpleasant on a full stomach.

2200 – Lights out. However, if you’ve fucked up anytime during the day, this is when your overstudy or some other senior might decide to call you on a report and set your right. Unless your overstudy is someone like me who loves his sleep.

The timings will vary a bit depending on whether it is winter or summer. And I left the Academy some time back, so things would have changed a bit. But the one thing that’s constant is that you’re going to be busy 18 hours a day and sleeping the rest of the six. The time between the activities I mentioned would be filled as well, someone is always calling you on report (maybe for something your course-mate did), there are medical inspections and vaccinations, feedback to make, unending fall-ins to attend.

As a first term cadet you wouldn’t realize when and how the six months blazed away. It’ll be over in the blink of an eye. Strangely though, the PT and fu*k sessions in between seem to last forever. Damn Einstein and relativity.

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