Wife of an Indian Navy Officer Replied if Military Life is Full of Luxury

Wife of an Indian Navy Officer Replied if Military Life is Full of Luxury

There are a lot of people who think that life of army or military is full of luxury but on the contrary it is full of difficulties faced by the immediate family of an officer. A navy officer’s wife responds to the question that if army life if full of luxury on Quora and she expresses it beautifully.

He starts his day like any other day, I never saw him at home before sunset being in a govt job (like 9 to 5). He will go for sailing,telling me that I will be back in 7–10 days or so any random satellite call and it will be extended by a week or 20 days.

Serve the navy with pride

He may come back after 2 days also if anything happens… tech issues or any defect…

Trust me, a house is nothing without him on Diwali or Holi. Our houses are not bungalows, they are like any other CPWD house and not of great quality even in few stations.

About luxury of playing sports, its a mandate for physical fitness. An officer might be swimming to clear for his commando course selection or participating in iron-man. Golf to stay focused, stress free and enough exercise. All sports facilities are provided to keep the people fit. If nothing available, they will plan their own camps, marathons and treks.

Lucky enough if your family joins you for some fun time. No one has stopped you to live life in this way, so better stop pointing that we make any place a picnic place.

Indian Navy at International Fleet Review

I celebrated all karwa-chauth, his birthday, daughter’s birthday in different stations in last 5 years (since I married him). Changed 7 houses till date… ask me to pack even this planet, I will do it with cling film and cardboard boxes. Mark my words, without breaking even a glass or expensive crockery.

Our days together are approximately 900 till date. Rest were of separation in different cities, stations or sailing.

A usual night for him is speaking to his girl, a poem or story before bedtime.

In his absence, its just a cry-scene, she keeps asking me when Papa will come and holding the book in her little hands sleeping after getting tired, waiting or listening different stories from me.

Navy Officer with his daughter

Scene is equally tough for army and air-force people. I see my neighbors in the same state. Some of them serving in rashtriya rifles (RR), some heading to command posting in north-east or Siachin. So if you think it’s a luxury, please sweat hard in SSB for 5 days, forget RESERVATION* and give your best to live it.

(*I am sure our neta and babus are busy in saving their children from alleged charges, crime scenes and other things in India and the day they open their mouth for this, some Manekshaw will be there).
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