Terrorist Who Dared Major Rohit Shukla To Come and Get Him, Finished After a Day

In an encounter, an army major killed top Hizbul commander named Sameer Tiger in Kashmir’s Pulwama. The same Hizbul commander who had threatened the army major in a video.

In the video, Tiger is seen threatening the army major by interrogating an informer. He is seen asking the name of those people who is working for the army in the area.

Terrorist Tiger can also be seen denying the informer to not tell the army about the whereabouts of militant. “Tell Shukla that the lion has not stopped hunting. They think the jungle belongs to them. Tell him to come face me,” he said in the video.

Major Shukla who is currently posted with the 44 Rashtriya Rifles in Pulwama’s Shadimarg area killed commander in the encounter and faced several injuries. Shukla is the in charge of Drabgaam village, from where Tiger hailed.

On the other hand, the Hizbul commander belonged to Burhaan group, the most-wanted group of militants. Tiger remained with the group from May 8, 2016. A number of cases of protesting and stone pelting had been registered against him at the Pulwama police station. He was an A++ category militant and was a bounty of Rs 10 lakh on his head.

Tiger was known as the first militant to post a picture of himself with an American M16 rifle on social media confirming that Kashmiri militants had US-made weapons with them.

Police says, Tiger was accused of attacks on a number of political leaders, activists, and the security forces in the valley. He was also known as a great motivator who had got some 50 youths to join the militancy. Tiger had also helped Pakistani commander Naveed Jatt to escape from a Srinagar hospital in February this year.

As Tiger is now killed, three militants from the Burhan group are still surviving. They are Hizbul Chief Riyaz Naiku, Commander Saddam Padder, and Commander Zinat-Ul-Islam.

In the morning, at about 9 am, a cordon-and-search operation in the village Drabgaam had been launched and at about 10 am, a gunfight broke out and which continued till 2.15 pm. Security forces recovered two terrorists’ dead bodies with two AK 47 rifles and a huge cache of arms and ammunition.

Vinay Kumar, CO, 183 Battalion CRPF said, “At around 9 am in the morning we received information of militants’ presence in Drabgaam village. Around 9.30 am we started cordon and at 10 am militants fired on us and showed their presence. In an initial fire, army’s Major Shukla and his associate got injured. Militants tried to escape but we had tight cordon jointly by CRPF, 44 RR, and Jammu and Kashmir police who fired and killed two militants. They were identified as Sameer Tiger and Akib. In this encounter, the two army personnel, including Major Rohit Shukla, got seriously injured.”

In the encounter, one civilian was killed and 15 got injured as they began protesting after learning that the trapped militants included Tiger.

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